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For 500 years, the Navigators have explored the farthest reaches of New Origin and discovered, surveyed, recorded and archived countless systems and planets throughout the known universe. Much of New Origin's planets are mostly barren or uninhabitable, yet resource-rich planets often attract the attention of empires, corporations and explorers, and what few habitable planets that exist out in the great void are claimed and fought over almost as soon as they are discovered. Some of these planets are terraformed and colonized, although the results are often poor and offer harsh living conditions.

Now, in the year of 513 A.E. (After Exodus), New Origin's many known planets have been claimed by the Major Factions, and the descendants of the original Progenitor Terrans have now engaged and mingled with the many other sentient species of the known Sectors. The Navigators, unconcerned with the prospects of empire and war, continue to explore the universe for new discoveries and unknown secrets.