Fictional Maps, World-Building, and more by Daniel-André Sørensen

The Personal Website of Daniel A. Sørensen


OriginWorlds is a personal website of mine; 

home to several projects of different nature. Some are set in a fantasy setting, others in science fiction, and then there are those who are mixtures of the two.

Here you might find several fictional and/or illustrated worlds I have created for mostly my own use. I find great enjoyment in making up worlds or settings. The idea of fleshing out whole universes or mapping the cultural structure of a set of peoples is something I find to be a fun and learning pass-time. Most of all I just enjoy creating maps, and filling those maps with places, people, and other such things. My aim is to create immersive works, or as immersive as I can possibly make them with my current skill-set.

My general goal is to one day work full-time with my projects, and to possibly become a proper writer, artist and a game designer. I hope to set this website as an example of what I believe to be creative and somewhat original works of mine.

This site is not meant to be the medium for something world-breaking. I will never claim to be purely original, as that is a word I personally find to be losing strength in this day and age. I simply just enjoy making and world-building.

This website is merely a sanctuary of my ideas.

W O R L D B U I L D I N G    P R O J E C T S



Project Nym is set in a somewhat typical fantasy universe. There are varying degrees of fantasy influences, with various cultures and nations defined by fair diversity in terms of races, views, government, religion, magic, technology, etc. This world isn't meant to be anything revolutionary or wholly unique, and instead is built on many different fantasy ideas and identities, that either interest me or that I find fits well with the world it's shaping to become.

The world and its nearest spheres are watched over by the godly Creators, who shaped and guided the mortal races, and protect them from whatever mysterious dangers exist in the distant universe. Nym itself has survived for thousands upon thousands of years, and it has seen many great events and civilizations hold it together. However, now come the Third Era, the world is said to be at its near end.

The End Times have come, as has been foretold by prophecies set many centuries ago. But as the world is supposedly coming to an end, none of the great nations seem to care, as they are far more concerned with their own mortal affairs. The gods themselves struggle to find a solution, and their bickering can't seem to produce any hope. Only time, whatever little is left of it, will tell the ultimate fate of Nym and its inhabitants.