World-Building Website by Daniel-André Sørensen

The Personal Website of Daniel A. Sørensen


OriginWorlds is a personal website of mine; 

home to several projects of different nature. Some are set in a fantasy setting, others in science fiction, and then there are those who are mixtures of the two.

Here you might find several fictional and/or illustrated worlds I have created for mostly my own use. I find great enjoyment in making up worlds or settings. The idea of fleshing out whole universes or mapping the cultural structure of a set of peoples is something I find to be a fun and learning pass-time. 

My general goal is to one day work full-time with my projects, and to possibly become a proper writer, artist and a game designer. I hope to set this website as an example of what I believe to be creative and somewhat original works of mine. In the end I'm generally working to see at least one of my worlds become something worthy of seeing and sharing.

This site is not meant to be the medium for something world-breaking. I will never claim to be purely original, as that is a word I personally find to be losing strength in this day and age. This website is merely a sanctuary of ideas, a refuge for new worlds and the dawn for endless possibilities.

OriginWorlds is the simple home of my thoughts and ideas.

W O R L D B U I L D I N G    P R O J E C T S



Project Nym is set in a somewhat typical fantasy universe. There are varying degrees of fantasy influences, with various cultures and nations defined by fair diversity in terms of races, views, government, religion, magic, technology, etc. This world isn't meant to be anything revolutionary or wholly unique, and instead is built on many different fantasy ideas and identities, that either interest me or that I find fits well with the world it's shaping to become.

The world and its nearest spheres are watched over by the godly Creators, who shaped and guided the mortal races, and protect them from whatever mysterious dangers exist in the distant universe. Nym itself has survived for thousands upon thousands of years, and it has seen many great events and civilizations hold it together. However, now come the Third Era, the world is said to be at its near end.

The End Times have come, as has been foretold by prophecies set many centuries ago. But as the world is supposedly coming to an end, none of the great nations seem to care, as they are far more concerned with their own mortal affairs. The gods themselves struggle to find a solution, and their bickering can't seem to produce any hope. Only time, whatever little is left of it, will tell the ultimate fate of Nym and its inhabitants.



Roughly one-thousand years after the Great Exodus of mankind from Earth, the star systems known as the Origin Systems have become the new home of humanity. Project New Origin is a typical sci-fi setting that spans across a huge set of different star systems; many of which are mainly uninhabitable and barren. Instead most survive on gargantuan space stations that orbit the dormant planets.

Ever since mankind began to expand throughout the Origin Systems, they have come across and met with many intelligent and humanoid species, much like themselves. The following centuries have seen many wars and conflicts escalate, but at this point the many different species and cultures have become so intermingled that it is no longer fitting to divide groups by what one's species is.

Great empires, police states, religious dynasties, and small or galaxy-spread corporations dominate the Origin Systems, and each corner has its own rising problems that seem to spell out the end of those who inhabit those vast regions. Private persons or corporations scour the Origin Systems in search of the much desired Progenitors; large and lost colony ships, which hold the resources and forgotten secrets of Old Earth, including great, unique machines capable of terraforming.



In a world beset by almost untraversable sea-storms, and where magic once ruled, disappeared, then suddenly returned again out of nowhere, the only clear pursuit is that of colonization, scientific truth, and the unravelling of the occult mysteries.

Project Pandora is set in a world which is slightly influenced by various types of steampunk, dieselpunk and teslapunk inspirations. Pandora is a dark, mysterious world where the light seemingly only shines on rare occasions; prompting many to turn to the comfort of the old Saintly Candle or the rising sciences and philosophies.

In the darkness, there are whispers of a returning shadow known only as the Black Serpent. Supernatural events are reported to have occured across the world; prompting the return of the phenomenon known as magic, and all its mystical effects and consequences. The many greater and civilized nations of the world continue their pursuits of colonial or territorial wars with each other, and the race to settle and conquer the still mostly unknown New World across the vast storm-seas is of seemingly adamant  importance to monarchs and governments.

In the New World, the primitive tribes of the Caidhe have had to adapt to the newcomer colonists; either by engaging in trade, diplomacy, or warfare. The land itself is deadly and treacherous, with many creatures and plants seemingly existing only to cause gruesome deaths to the unwary. There is little comfort there for any would-be colonists coming in from the Old World, yet the promise of new beginnings, fame, or wealth lure even the most foolhardy to the greater continent of the world.



Set on a planet which possesses a wide mixture of different races and cultures, Project Conflux is an amalgamation of dirty sci-fi and cyberpunk influences. Conflux itself is a planet where Megacities ruled by Mega-Corps dominate the landscape, and its world is mixed in varying degrees of magic and high-tech, with fantasty elements melding with sci-fi features such as cybernetic implants, augmented limbs, and etc.

The project's most noteworthy feature is that Conflux exists in several worlds at the same time, where inter-dimension travel has been made possible. Mega-Corps control these dimensional gateways and supervise their influx, whilst underground organizations work to undermine them and create their own illegal gateways. Between them are the planet's Dimensers; a police faction consistent of trained agents and enforcers who hunt down those who misuse dimensional travel.

While most of the planet and its orbiting satellites is covered in Megacities and civilized space-stations or lunar bases, reservation-zones dot the planet's regions, and offer some small safety for various roaming tribes, who live on the land or in post-apocalyptic ruins created by the unstable effects of dimensional gateway travel.