World-Building Website by Daniel-André Sørensen

The Personal Website of Daniel A. Sørensen

OriginWorlds is a personal website of mine; home to several projects of different nature. Some are set in a fantasy setting, others in science fiction, and then there are those who are just, simply put, different.

Here you might find several fictional and/or illustrated worlds I have created for mostly my own use. I find great enjoyment in making up worlds or settings. The idea of fleshing out whole universes or mapping the cultural structure of a set of peoples is something I find to be a fun and learning pass-time. 

My goal is also to become a proper writer, artist and a game designer, and I hope to set this website as an example of what I believe to be creative and 'somewhat' original works of mine. I can say with some confidence that if you enjoy the settings of fantasy and science fiction that you will hopefully enjoy the ideas that I represent on this website. More so if you are a gamer like myself, or just an avid fan of fiction and creation in general.

In the end this site is not meant to be the medium for something world-breaking. I will never claim to be purely original, as that is a word I personally find to be losing strength in this day and age. This website is merely a sanctuary of ideas, a refuge for new worlds and the dawn for endless possibilities. OriginWorlds is the simple home of my thoughts and ideas.