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In the distant future, mankind discovered the secrets of travel between dimensions. With their exploitation came riches, knowledge and growth, but they failed to see or accept that their dimensional travels caused anomalies to their own world. As Earth's existence warped and changed, many fled through the Dimension Gates to a new safe haven, where they would hope to start anew. They entered the Conflux; a whole new world ready for new beginnings.

Project "Conflux" is best described as a mix between the cyberpunk, fantasy and post apocalypse settings. It is a world consistent of dimensional travelers, aliens, nation-expansive mega-cities and ruthless, influential corporations. "Conflux" is a world of technological magic, corruption and dimensional anomalies that threaten to rip the existence of the world. Only the strong and clever can hope to survive and make a living for themselves, on both the streets and in the wilds.

  • X10Z
  • EldenSpark
  • Elon Dome
  • SourceFall
  • Hypergate
  • Eldertree
  • Veridia
  • Zytaam
  • WellSpring
  • Human
  • Tek
  • Delvar
  • Glitch
  • Xun
  • Vorgant
  • CoreDome Foundation
  • Cyber-06 Incorporated
  • Dimension Security Agency
  • ASCENT Xenotech
  • DOS Agency
  • Laos Enterprises
  • Welk Corp.
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  • Before Conflux
  • 1st Century
  • 2nd Century