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"Ascending the Future"

Board of Directors: Tim Young, Edward Wu, Rebecca Chang, Torak Sor-Al, Lisona Dall

Major Subdivisions: Weapons Research, Weapons Manufacturing, Food & Agricultural Research, Mining

Owned Subsidiaries: TekArms Manufacturing, Magwire Construction Agency, Xi-Dayung Union, Solarus Industries

Number of Employees:
6276 (284 AE)

Strongest Presence: Talon, Hypergate, Zytaam

History: Founded by Leoben Young in 146 AE, ASCENT Xenotech grew primarily thanks to cooperation between the company and the crew of the Isha; one of the recently landed Tek ships outside Talon. Xeno weaponry was becoming more commonplace on the illegal markets, and so ASCENT Xenotech established itself as the only legal manufacturer of xeno-human technology in a number of megahubs, such as Talon, Hypergate, Zytaam, Dallas and Veridia. ASCENT Xenotech effectively legalized xeno-human weaponry and technologies; adapting it and improving it to the point where illegal versions were too high-risk for purchase. By 250 AE the company had acquired a number of large subsidiaries, allowing it to expand into other markets such as construction, mining and agriculture.

ASCENT Xenotech focuses primarily on weapons research and manufacturing, and is considered to be one of the leading corporations on the weapons research market. However, recent years have seen the company focus on breakthrough technologies within agriculture and mining, some of which has been successful and extremely profitable. ASCENT Xenotech's current issues revolve around mining negotiations with local tribes in the Talanaar region, where hostilities are slowly escalating to the point where the company has deployed privately owned military personnel, as well as some mercenary parties, to monitor and control the situation.

There has also been some recent controversy surrounding the rumours of the company's supposed involvement in a recent illegal construction of an unlicensed Dimension Gate, which was discovered by DSA operatives in an unfinished state in Dallas. ASCENT Xenotech has publicly denied all involvement in the incident, stating that they fully abide by the laws set in their operating cities.