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The Conflux is the dimension and world where all other dimensions and worlds converge. It is believed to have been created from the experiments humans conducted when they first successfully "perfected" dimensional travel, which in turn "mixed" aspects and beings from different dimensions into one; effectively destabilizing those dimensions. Visitors, travelers and exiles from various dimensions come to the Conflux to trade, socialize and seek asylum; though they should hope to have proper permits or licenses to do so. The DSA (Dimension Security Agency) monitor and watch the immigration carefully, though more often than not some travelers manage to slip through via smuggling or the likes. As such the Conflux is home to many illegals, and they are not always so easily tracked down or thrown out.

The Conflux is first and foremost the new home and refuge of the humans, who, in their hubris, destroyed their old world. Though dominantly inhabited by humans, the Conflux consists of various refuges from a number of different races, and also hosts a fair few colonies or diplomatic havens. The Conflux is also an unstable world, ravaged by not only raiders and hostile tribes, but anomalies and unnatural storms that serve to cause chaos throughout the world.

Large portions of the Conflux remain uninhabited and uninhabitable, though its more suitable locations have seen the growth of large cities known as megahubs; some as large as what can be better described as nations. These megahubs are controlled by and fought over by mega-corporations, and not always so subtly. Open gang wars and corporation wars have been known to cause unrest and chaos in these cities from time to time. Criminal activity is also of great concern as large underground organizations make profit through slave-markets, illegal weaponry and counterfeit Tek-enhancements.