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Once a realm of grandeur and tranquility, the ancient world of Eluva was the home of the Delvar people. The world and its people's existence were forever changed when rifts began to appear and break Eluva; casting terrible storms of fire and lightning across the entirety of the world's lands. Replacing the majestic forests and lush, rolling plains was the presence of cold, utter darkness as the once clear skies filled with thick, destructive clouds of storm and doom. Now Eluva, referred to by its people as "The Elderworld", is nothing more but a husk of its former self; its rich and prosperous lands forever transformed into eternal night and lifelessness.

What few Delvar who survived the initial destruction fled from their tree cities to the underground; creating a widespread society of subterranean dwellers. A network of cities cropped up in huddled, makeshift states as the storms on the surface above continued to plague the overworld. From time to time expeditions would travel up and beyond; to reclaim supplies and artifacts of the Delvar people. Though caution had to be taken seriously, as what of their people who were left behind have transformed into mutated beasts of unknowing rage. Some glories of the Delvar's proud past and history have remained intact and functional, as their cities stand protected by the magic the Delvar evolved to suit their needs. The Elderworld is one of the few dimensions known to have actual true magic beyond that of simple fairytales.

Using this magic, the Delvar managed to enter the Conflux, where a large portion of their tribal people have remained ever since. A stable connection was soon established between the Conflux and the Elderworld, which in turn allowed for safe passage to and from the two worlds. But with the restrictions enforced by the Conflux's inhabitants in regards to dimensional travel, only those with legal permits may enter and leave as they wish. The Elderworld itself remains and will likely do so for some time more, though the storms that plague its surface are likely to never cease anytime soon, thus urging its people to stand strong in this age of darkest trials.