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What is better described as a world of affliction and disease, Xun'tau is a dimension plagued by its people's past of bio-experimentation and failed pharmaceutical prospects. Xun'tau is ravaged by sickness and dying lands; with most of its great, former cities fallen and claimed by what can only simply be described in layman terms as "zombies". What few cities that remain standing in Xun'tau have erected great walls of energy and thus shield themselves from the sickly nature of their world. Within these walls life continues as happily and healthily as it formerly did before the age of sickness, though only as an illusion or distraction to what is occurring beyond the protective walls.

Xun'tau is firstly the home of the Xun, an advanced race of scientifically minded individuals who built a society on bio-engineering and enhancements drugs. Due to the unfortunate experiments of their past which bred the existence of the Zyn (or zombies) the majority of their people are now merely refugees and survivors clamouring onto their drugs and research for survival and relief. Xun'tau's fate rests upon the Xun's greatest still living scientists to find a cure or solution, though Xun'tau has proven thus far useless in providing such answers.

And as such, when dimensional travel was discovered to be more than just a theory, the Xun connected their world with that of the Conflux; creating a two-way passage. In the beginning there were many refugees who abandoned Xun'tau, but with the recent restrictions incited and enforced by the inhabitants of the Conflux, only those with legal permits are now permitted to enter the Conflux. Xun'tau itself continues to live on through its cities, but the constant wail and threat of doom that hangs over them and their citizens slowly tick away at their sanity.