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Q: What is the purpose of your projects/website?

A: I get asked this a fair amount of times. Ideally I wish to bring my worlds to life either through novelization or games. But in a more general sense I simply just enjoy creating worlds. If anything I personally consider world-building as more of a hobby than anything else. Is there a greater purpose for what I am doing? Probably, but not one that has presented itself clearly to me yet.

The website itself was first created to have somewhere where I can more easily access and store everything I wrote in a fairly more organized manner. Over time it has kind of become my portfolio, and to some people it's seemingly developed into a source of inspiration, which is quite flattering.

Q: What program(s) do you use in relation to map-making and graphical design?

A: I use Adobe Photoshop CC for most of my work, if not all.

Q: Do you accept commissions for maps, designs etc. ?

A: I don't currently accept commissions for maps or anything else.

Q: If I ask, would you be willing to create something for me free of charge?

A: Short answer: no. I expect to be sufficiently compensated for whatever work I might be hired to do.

Q: Do you make all the artwork yourself? Or is it based on someone else's artwork?

A: The majority of artwork, maps and symbols/logos on this site are created and designed by myself, though I'd be lying if I said that I didn't use external assets to create some of them. This is why I don't try to make money out of some of my artwork, though if I was to in the future, I'd be sure to redesign the offending artwork from scratch at my own hand.

I also try to make sure that the assets I use are free to use, though I can't always find reliable sources that comply with this standard. As such if there is anyone out there who notice an asset I've used and it wasn't free to use, then I urgently ask to be notified of this, so I can rectify the issue.

Q: Is there any tutorial that you used to learn how to draw maps, and/or have you made a tutorial?

A: If my memory serves me correctly I don't believe I have ever used any tutorials. Most of what I've learned I did from trial and error and a decent amount of experimentation.Studying other maps has also given me some insight into what works and doesn't work, as well as providing some fairly useful inspiration for future maps.

As for whether or not I have created any tutorials, the answer is kind of. I offer a few guides that cover map-making and world-building in general, which can be found on this website here and here. Although I'm by no means an expert on the subject.

If you feel the need to use a proper tutorial, I suggest heading over to, where you'll find a fine selection of tutorials and helpful map-making enthusiasts.

Q: Would you be willing to give advice to map-making or world-building in general?

A: I am certainly willing to give it a go. I don't believe that I am fully qualified to give fully detailed answers or, indeed, professional answers. I don't claim to be an expert in what I do, since it is mostly a hobby, though I do think myself capable of giving pointers, and I will do my best to give advice based on my own knowledge and experiences. While I might not be an expert, I do consider myself an enthusiast of maps and world-building.

Q: Am I allowed to share or use your work in any way? If yes, must I ask permission first?

A: I fully give permission to use my personal work for your personal campaigns, roleplay and general private projects. This is assuming that your intentions are for non-commercial use. My personal work is not to be used in relation to anything commercial without my sole permission.

To an extent I also don't support the idea of using my personal work for your own world-building project or anything similar that shifts focus too far away from my personal work's original purpose.

You are allowed to share my personal work, and although it is not required, I do appreciate being credited. This also applies to when you wish to use my personal work for your private projects, though it's not completely necessary to credit me for when you use my personal work in your campaigns.

I don't really find it necessary to ask me permission for anything non-commercial, though it is more or less up to you if you feel the need to do so.

Q: I have a business proposition / project invitation for you. How should I proceed?

A: In both cases you should send me an email describing to me as best you can what it is you have in mind, and preferably some information about your project and who you are (ie. details about your organization, company etc.). It might seem strange to say this, as it should be a given, but there are a surprising amount of people who are just terrible when it comes to this stuff. I should hope that you act professionally, as that will most likely increase the chances of me accepting your proposal.

Although having said that, much like my reasons for not doing commissions, it's very likely that I won't have the time to accept any invitations, though that might also change in the future.

Q: I have a question that wasn't answered here.

A: If you are uncertain about anything, asking me personally via email ([email protected]) is a sure way of laying rest to any doubts and questions you might have.