Fictional Maps, World-Building, and more by Daniel-André Sørensen

The Personal Website of Daniel A. Sørensen


GENERAL Updates:

  • [30.12.2018] Added "Log" page to website.
  • [31.12.2018] Reworked "Home" page and added brief descriptions of the major projects.
  • {20.12.2018] Removed the outdated "Third Era" pages, as it's now been roughly a year since "Nym" replaced them.

Project NYM Updates:

- [24.06.2019] Added "The Old Wylds" to World.
- [25.06.2019] Added "Tidelands" to The Worldsea.
- [29.06.2019] Added "Stonekyn" to Primordials.
- [17.10.2022] Went through and updated and fixed lore on EVERY page. Too many fixes to list here.
- [17.10.2022] Added "Descended Deities" to Religion.