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The twins of Avanor and Norrhan, known collectively as Arganorh, are the smallest of the world's continents. They sit at the very centre of the world, and they have been the site of some of the most world-changing events throughout history, as well as seen to the rise of the most advanced and most powerful modern civilizations of our time.

Avanor is home to the great Second Darion Imperium, the world-renowned Merchant Republic of Thalon, and the powerful Valaísian Empire. In Norrhan, the mighty and ancient city-states of the High Marches still stand, and teh regions of the Ironlands and Ascaron are inhabited by many human kingdoms; descendant from the previous mighty kingdoms of Angrathan and Angramar.

The first orcish nation in the entire world, Thrumnash, dominates south-eastern Avanor in the region of Ghorr; rivalled by its neighbour, the human Empire of Samarauch. Thrumnash has united many unlikely allies under its banner, such as the pirate freestate of Lloymeran, the zjindri kingdoms of Nehazjul and Valazjh, and the mighty half-giant tribes of Kol'taan.

In the Sunwake Sea, several small and independent zjindri kingdoms still remain, though they are now threatened by the slowly expanding sun elven High Kingdom of Cáel Aelinár, which only half a century ago broke its isolation from the rest of the world.

Easternmost of Avanor, just east of the great Vardenfel mountains, lies the home of the Luthrern Vosh Republic; inhabited primarily by halfolk and gnomes. Theirs has been a mostly peaceful existence as they have been tucked away from the many wars and conflicts of Arganorh.

In Norrhan, the silver elves of Daln Silvhadáin aggresively lay claim to the North Dales and tolerate few trespassers, whilst the dwarven Iron Kingdoms of Barador and Makhar in the Ironlands have finally formed some peace and tolerance for the human kingdoms, who previously stole their lands.

Beneath the twin-continents lies the great Underhalls; built many centuries ago by the dwarves to be used as underground roads to connect the many isolated dwarven cities and kingdoms for the sake of trade. As the centuries went on, the Underhalls grew wider and deeper, until eventually its size became too much. Now its halls and roads have fallen to neglected maintenance, as well as dark creatures from cavernous depths. Only a handful of dwarven cities, known as the Under-Kingdoms, still lay claim to them.


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