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It has always been the great interest and arduous quest for learned individuals to understand how not only the world, but the universe as a whole is built. Throughout the millennia questions have been asked and answers sought after, until finally a time arrived when all those questions started to lead towards the same answers, or at the very least the same theories.

The leading experts regarding Nym's cosmography belong to the Sanctum Orders and the Canthar Empire's Celestial Court, as it is typically mages who find the fascination and worth with the greater cosmos. Based on several studies, many of which are ancient and hard-acquired, Sanctum mages more or less collectively came together during the Age of Towers to agree to a basic structure of the universe. Cosmographic maps throughout the ages typically come to the same conclusion, and that is that the nearby universe is the general shape of an eye, hence why most scribes and cosmographers describe our Worldsphere as Nym's Eye. The term has been used by several cultures and ancient civilizations, but its more worldly popularized now because of the Sanctum Orders.

Of course, mages don't always receive support to their theories, and the unlearned will dismiss any theories as ridiculous or heresy. Even other mages might dispute the general idea of the cosmography, and kings or queens have little use for the knowledge of what's beyond when they're already preoccupied with the within.

Anything beyond Nym's Eye is more or less still highly speculative, as no one from Nym have ever been outside the Worldsphere, and it's still effectively impossible for anyone within to peer beyond. Only the Creators have been beyond Nym's Eye and, indeed, the greater Nym's Sphere, and they, naturally, remain tight-lipped and mysterious to what is truly out there.

Only the Creator Arkath, the Star Father, revealed the history of the Creators' journey to the planet Nym. Admittedly his tales are lacking in defining details, but what scraps of information he gave to mortals throughout the many ages has thus far been sufficient enough to put together some agreeable theories. None of the Creators have disputed Arkath's tales, and some have even revealed proof to support them through their own priests. But again, where there is force there is a counter-force to push back. Not all cultures, and especially so the primitive ones, willingly accept scientific or even theological proof when it is presented to them.

Regardless, despite some disinterest or nonacceptance of the greater populace of the world in regards to the subject of the science of the cosmos, the general cosmography of Nym and the remaining universe seems to prove at least one thing: the universe is impossibly vast, and Nym's Eye is but one small speck in an extremely large bucket of others like it. This, at least, all who study the cosmos can agree upon.

Mapping the Cosmos, Volume I,
- Nashorn the Blue, Candlehold Scribe