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The bottom-most reaches of Nym is called the Cradle of the World. It consists of a larger, barren continent, known as Kyndar, an expansive archipelago of many known and unknown tropical islands known simply as the Cradle Archipelago, and the Flamecrown at their center.

New islands in the Cradle Archipelago spawn from below the waves as the volcanic activity of Kyndar spews fire and lava, and some islands are consumed by those same flames. The Cradle Archipelago is otherwise untouched, except for primordial beasts who inhabit them, as well as various Rakshai or zjindri tribes, or indeed more ancient and very primitive creatures.

Recent years, since the Age of Seas, has seen colonists from various nations come to the Cradle Archipelago to lay claim to its many islands; seeking treasures, resources or simply just the rich, volcanic soil of the isles. Explorers are particularly attracted to the Cradle Archipelago, as it is considered the last truly unknown frontier of the world. In many respects the Cradle is a tropical paradise, if not for the potential threat of Kyndar's Last Flame and the primordial creatures on the isles and in the seas surrounding them. Occasional firestorms also occur every now and then, having managed to escape the Kyndar continent.

The Flame Titan Mordius, King of Fire and King of all the Elemental Titans, is responsible for giving the Cradle of the World its fiery existence. As the War of Titans was nearing its end, Mordius swore that he would return, proclaiming that when all life finally comes to an end, the Last Flame will consume the world in its inferno. Mordius himself was destroyed near the Cradle of the World, and some believe that Mordius' soul became the Last Flame, which is the unending fire storm that gives life to the Cradle of the World, but is primarily contained on the Kyndar continent.

At the center of the Cradle sits the Flamecrown; a series of islands inhabited by Rakhsai who refer to themselves as the Flamekith, and together with enslaved Fire Elementals they contain the Last Flame and keep it from spreading. The Throne itself is isolated behind a magical sphere that shields it from the Last Flame, and no one knows what's truly on the inside. Should the Flamecrown falter in its defense, the world will likely succumb to the fiery storms of he Last Flame.

Other Rakshai inhabit the Cradle Archipelago's many islands, somewhat unified under a reigning queen near the Flamecrown, but divided on each island as numerous tribes. Otherwise many other races now call the Cradle Archipelago their home; some who have remained hidden by the warm mists of those isles.



The Flamecrown is a chain of larger islands that sits at the southern tip of the Ryumar continent, right north of Kyndar. It is there the last Flamekith of the Rakshai supposedly live, having sacrificed their freedoms and dedicated their lives and the lives of their entire bloodlines to keep the Last Flame at bay.

The Flamecrown is protected by an impenetrable shield of fire, which hinders anyone from entering it. Powers from within the Flamecrown calm the winds of Kyndar and prevents the Last Flame from spreading. What is gathered from ancient texts tell that the Flamecrown is powered by enslaved elementals, which the Flamekith control to maintain the isles' magic.

Other Rakshai, not of the Flamekith, inhabit the many other isles of the Cradle not far from the Flamecrown, some guarding temples and Wendglass pylons that were constructed to aid in containing the Last Flame.