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The cold, icy cap of Nym is known as the Crown of the World. It is a massive chain of primordial mountains covered in giant, crystal-like glaciers held frozen by a constant storm known as the Harrowfrost, and it is said beneath them all lies the slumbering Worldwyrm; an ancient Primordial whose entire body stretches all around the head of the northern sphere.

At the Crown of the World's center is the Worldthrone; the seat of power of the Aesur giants, otherwise known as Frost Giants. The Worldthrone is a towering shard of purest ice that reaches beyond the clouds. It is from there the Harrowfrost originates, as it seeks to cover the entire world in snow and ice.

The Crown of the World is slowly swallowed by more ice as the Harrowfrost spreads, but it is kept under control by powerful Aesur magic, although come the Third Era that magic has been slowly waning. The shamanistic tribes of the half-giant Nathunac on Northcrown perform powerful and dangerous rituals that have helped to contain the Harrowfrost for now.

During the War of Titans, the King of Frost, the Elemental Titan Teruk, better known in the Sifiran Pantheon as Thyrm, was the keeper of the Harrowfrost. Its purpose was to extend Teruk's cold domain, as well as keep the Creators from getting to his summit. However, the Creator Sifir dared the journey, defeated Teruk and trapped his soul within her sword, Sigdran, which in turn also contained the Harrowfrost.

When Sifir could no longer wield Sigdran, she plunged it into Teruk's dormant body at the top of the world, and in time the cold winds hardened around it and created the Worldthrone. Eventually the Aesur would come to the Worldthrone, and through much perseverance they adapted to the storms, and claimed the Worldhrone as their own. Sifir, still growing weak from containing the Harrowfrost within Sigdran, gave it to the Aesur, and tasked the Aesur with the protection of the Worldhrone, and made them keepers of the Harrowfrost.

The fact that the Harrowfrost has slowly been spreading over the thousands of years indicates the possibility that the Aesur have grown too weak to control it, and it is also likely that those residing by the Worldthrone have succumbed to the Harrowfrost's winds, as no one has seen the Worldthrone giants for a very long time.

Some dragons, especially White Dragons, found refuge in the Crown of the World during the Worldblight, and avoided the Feral Affliction and thus the need to enter Malendii's Dream. Most would still slumber within the crags and peaks of the frozen mountains. Nydd took personal charge of them, promising Malendii that she would watch over them.