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Everything in the world and universe is made from energy. Even nothingness is spawned from energy, although it is admittedly energy that is not entirely understood.

Energies are generally immaterial and not necessarily visible. They can be made material and visible by applying sufficient force to them, and larger quantities of certain energies produce a greater comprehensive mass, and thus becomes naturally visible.

There are normal energies and there are negative energies: both of which try to counteract each other, much like the Eternal Balance versus the Universal Chaos. Typically negative energies are created from impurity and corruption of normal energies, whilst the normal energies gain growth and existence from each other or the cosmic energies directly.

Energies otherwise intermingle frequently, and it is not always so easy to identify or separate them. In Nym's Eye, the Stream feeds a union of pure energies into the Weave, where it is separated, sorted and sent through the threads to those planes and realms that need them.

- Ding Kung, Eternal Sage




The Cosmic Energies of the universe are the energies that stand above all energies. They are the origins that other energies both hail from and finally end in. Cosmic Energies feed the universe and exists throughout all of the Dark Beyond, and it is theorized to be strongest and most quantified in and near the Wellspring.

Pure Energy:

Pure energy benefits the Eternal Balance. It is generally any energy that is flawless and flows cleanly without opposition, and it directly feeds Astral Energies. As it is the purest energy found, it is also the most powerful. It holds the capability of cleansing corrupted energies by removing imperfections in the energy it touches. Pure energy spawned from the First Light and gave existence to the Astral Light.

Chaotic Energy:

Chaotic energy benefits the Universal Chaos. Energies that have been corrupted and become erratic and unpredictable fall under the description of chaotic energy, as it itself corrupts and defiles the purity of energies it comes in contact with. It directly feeds and transforms other energies into any of the Corruptible Energies, and also grows from those energies.

Life Energy:

Energies that create living things are known as living energies, or life energy.  It is the force that compels the creation and birth of living beings, the essence that gave life to the universe and its inhabitants, and the unanswered question that eludes; what exactly is the purpose of life?

Death Energy:

As a polar opposite of life energy, death energy deconstructs and unmakes life; extinguishing it and consuming it. While it is easy to look upon it as a source of evil in the universe, death energy is just as essential as life energy when it comes to the Eternal Balance. Death gives purchase to decay, and thus paves the way for growth and rebirth.

Magical Energy:

Related to Arcane Energies, magical energy spawned the Arcane Threads, became one with them and aids in the creation of arcane energies through them. Magical energy surrounds almost everything in the world and often mingles with other energies. It is a type of energy that directly alters other energies more freely and more easily, which is why it is believed to be the cause of all natural and unnatural changes in the universe.

Magical energy is typically chaotic as it is expelled from the Arcane Threads, but it is purified through the Arcane Wheel, which makes it more docile and less likely to create magical anomalies.


Astral Energies were first derived from the Astral Light and grow from pure energy. They are the source of often godlike energies, found typically in beings of great power, but strongest and purest in the Astral Light. Astral energies have many sources, though most come from Celestials or stars, then travel throughout the Dark Beyond until they are sucked in and gravitate towards objects or beings that crave and need them.

Celestial Energy:
Energy that spawns from Celestial beings is known as celestial energy. All Celestials are built from energies that originate from the Astral Light, and celestial energy commonly finds it source from stars, with some small exceptions and variations, depending on the Celestial and star's condition. It is the energy that gave life to the Shapers, and in turn the Creators.

Aetheric Energy:
Aetheric energy is also known as spiritual energy. It finds it source from spirits, usually from Aetherius or the Kal'Mar, and is nurtured and sustained by the Spiritsoul. Darkspirits from Endomundo possess some little aetheric energy, but their denied access to the Spiritsoul keeps it from growing and starves them. Aetheric energy is one of the most common energies in the world, as spirits are found nearly everywhere and in almost anything. Most living beings of the world are built from and contain Aetheric energy.

Solar Energy:
Solar energy specifically originates from the Sun, and is an energy consistent of light and warmth. Solar energy is drawn from the rays of Sol when she appears clearly in the skies, and helps to provide the earth with the nutrition it needs to grow and sustain life. Similar energies are likely obtainable from stars, but their distance from Nym's Eye means solar energy expelled from those stars might simply be too far away, and so any meaningful amounts of solar energy will never reach Nym's Eye.

Lunar Energy:
Similar to solar energy, but is sourced from the Moons. It is much like solar energy in that it is an energy consistent of light, but instead of providing warmth it is essentially cold. Lunar energy is strongest during night-time, when the Moonsisters travel the skies and draw with them the night-sky. It is also found in the Veil, where the Moonsisters impart their memories and thus also their energies. Lunar energy has some minor traces of Arcane Energies in it.

Deistic Energy:
Energy found in Creators is known as deistic energy. It is similar to celestial energy, except with some greater control over the Cosmic Forces, which allows Creators to draw immense amounts of power to create and destroy. For Creators, deistic energy can be built from most energies in the universe and often adapts the energies it touches. It is best restored and enhanced through worship from mortals, thanks to Tariel's Soulbind between Nym's Creators and the Worldsoul. In fact, deistic energy is what sustains Creators and keeps them alive, as Tariel's Soulbind also created a dependency for deistic energy.

Creators can grant mortals portions of their power, and can thus empower their devoted worshipers with deistic energy; typically through prayers and chants. Deistic energy is wholly controlled by itself, and can't be affected by manaistic energy.


Energies that are purely magical in nature or more related to the magical forces are called Arcane Energies. They are often energies that maintain other energies, contain them or shape them; sometimes against the Primal and Cosmic Laws that define them. Unlike many other energies, Arcane Energies make use of other energies and adapt them, which can sometimes lead to higher chances of corrupting those energies, but also unlock greater power as an extension through the Arcane.

Arcane Energies first originated from the Arcane Threads, and are strongest in their presence, and thus are at their purest in the Weave, which is built from such Threads.

Mystic Energy:

The unknown, hidden and mysterious aspects often correspond to mystic energy. It is often used in relation to illusory magic, and can cause the procurement of deceptive effects. It is difficult to identify mystic energy since it bends and shrouds itself from what is real. In some ways one can describe mystic energy as something that isn't truly real but is presented as real. Mages credit mystic energy to the impossible; various events, effects or otherwise magical occurences that should be incapable of occurring.

Planar Energy:

Energy pertaining to planar energy typically surrounds energy that builds and maintains the structure of Arkath's Divide; such as the Veil, the Weave and the Planeworlds, and to some extent the magical essences that reinforce the planes. It also relates to energy originating from the Worldsea, sometimes called tidal energy, or the Ebb. It strongly relates to Tiral's domains and the energies she originally used to maintain the Divide and its Planeworlds. Planar energy is most commonly used in manipulating the Divide's energies, often through the opening of portals or the act of bending the fabrics of the Divide to one's will.

Umbral Energy:

Umbral energy relates heavily to aspects of shadow. Umbral energy is strongest in Endomundo when it comes to the local sphere, but it also appears elsewhere in the universe where darkness grips tightly. It is possible to manipulate common shadows (typically through merging and condencing them) to create more potent umbral energy, but their effects are limited and short. Yet such methods can allow for a brief connection to Endomundo, in which case a person can draw more umbral energy directly from the Shadow Realm. Umbral energy is otherwise found anywhere where shadows dwell, but its potency relies on the source's density and magical connection.

Mental Energy:

When it comes to the mind, mental energy is the concept used to explain it. Dreams are formed from mental energy, as are thoughts and sentient intelligence. It is the more natural form of energy among the Arcane Energies, and by properly utilizing mental energy, one can manipulate minds in a psychic capacity; such as telekinesis and telepathy. The general understanding, control and mastery of the mind relates heavily to mental energy, and aids in a person's capacity to understand and control powers of magic.

Manaistic Energy:

The transference, storage and general control of energies is done through manaistic energy. It is the form of energy that, similar to deistic energy, can control other energies to act on its will. The study of manaistic energy is of great interest to mages, since by unlocking its secrets one can potentially reveal ways of effectively increasing a person's basin of mana, and lead to ultimate control over all energies. All beings in Nym contain variable amounts of mana within their bodies, and it is found that those completely drained of manaistic energy have no control over any energies any longer, and can as a result not, for example, cast spells anymore for a temporary time, or at least not until they replenish their mana.


Primal Energies originated and evolved from the Worldsoul, and most are controlled and sustained by it. They are energies that were stored and changed from the Shard of Origin, and later carried throughout the Dark Beyond by the Worldshards. Over time those energies grew distinctive and unique, and generally refer to energies that find their sources from the world rather than the outside universe.

Elemental Energy:

Energy that involves the flow and power of the elements, and is most commonly associated with the four major elements of Flame, Water, Wind and Earth, although it is also related to lesser and hybrid elements. It is strongest in the Planeworld of Elementum, where it maintains the form of the Elementals such as the Djinn. Elemental energy is otherwise found in most realms, as it is essentially creates the building blocks that form the natural elements of the land.

Soul Energy:

Memory is the most common associate of soul energy, as it is soul energy that stores and guards a being's memories. Most living beings possess souls, and the soul energy is what maintains it, even after a soul has left its host body. Soul energy often attracts other energies, especially aetheric energy, and can be very vulnerable to invasive forces. Use of soul energy can include applications of directly affecting other souls, or the extraction of life energy from the soul.

Even after a soul has gone through the Cycle, soul energy can preserve its memories, although generally it is kept deep within a soul. Through skilled manipulation of soul energy, a soul's memories can be unlocked and revealed.

Blood Energy:

While soul energy holds memory, blood energy mainly involves identity, instinct and emotion. Blood energy is powerful, and persists through particularly strong individuals down through inheritance of kin and blood. Certain bloodlines, especially those of royalty, can contain extremely potent blood energies. Purity of blood affects the amount of power, which can be enhanced or preserved through selective breeding.

Blood energy surrounds instinctual tendencies and also aspects of strong emotion such as lust, anger and love. Of all the energies, blood energy can be very potent and is possibly one of the more powerful energies, depending on an individual's purity of blood.

Naturistic Energy:

Energy that is composed of the natural world. Naturistic energy surrounds all things that relate to Nature and the Wilds, and often encompasses aspects pertaining to the Primal Laws, such as spirits and sonic energies. Naturistic energy most commonly refers to the forces of Nature, such as the magical and biological nurturing of flora and fauna, and their evolution. Birth, growth, death and rebirth are processes often linked by naturistic energy.

Primordial Energy:

Very similar to deistic energy, in that it is sourced from a godlike being, primordial energy is the energy used by Primordials, although more specifically Wildgods and Earthen Gods. Primordial energy is maintained through other energies; especially aetheric and naturistic, and to some degree elemental energy. Unlike deistic energy, primordial energy isn't enhanced by powers of faith and worship, but also isn't dependent on such means. Primordial energy is similarly powerful like deistic, by allowing a wielder of it immense control and adaption of various other energies.

Primordial energy also can't be controlled by manaistic energy, omitting the need for Primordials to contain basins of mana within themselves.


Closely related to chaotic energy, Negative Energies affect other energies and change or destroy them. They are otherwise also referred to as Corruptible Energies, and offer little to no benefit beyond the perversion of Primal Laws or complete annihilation of reality, and the foul disruption of time and space. Arguably certain Negative Energies are needed for the prospects of maintaining natural or universal balance, but the majority are creations of energies that have been corrupted and tainted.


Void Energies are energies that are born and grown from corrupted arcane energy. When magical energies become too unstable and chaotic, Void Energies are attracted to them or evolve from them. These energies are the prime energies that build up the Void of All and large quantities of Void Energies lead to madness and disruptions of reality.

Eldritch Energy:

Eldritch energy corrupts the mind and changes it. It is usually through painful bending of a being's will, to the point of madness or mental submission, that eldritch energy finds its most common use. It is a type of energy that is commonly found in corruptible beings, and gains purchase and growth through faltering mental energy. It surfaces fear and insanity, and will break down a being's willpower until no independent thought remains.

Warp Energy:

Time and space changes and is misshapen when exposed to large amounts of warp energy. It is a form of energy that disrupts the Arcane, Primal and Cosmic Laws, and reshapes them in its own twisted and often unpredictable ways. Warp energy is above all else chaotic and typically uncontrollable, and mastery over it is filled with a sense of impossibility. The contortion of warp energy easily corrupts and it will refuse to bend to anything that tries to avoid its contortion.

Dark Energy:

Dark energy relates to nothing. More specifically it relates to the absolute nothingness; those spaces where existence ceases and only pure darkness remains. Emotions stand still, energies freeze and become absent; leaving only dark energy to remain in what some would say is the true, cold void. Umbral energy is somewhat closely related to dark energy, as it is often the first energy to bend and transform when dark energy takes hold. It results in a form of umbral energy that is highly chaotic and volatile; sucking in other energies around it to expand its nothingness.


Energies that deconstruct, weaken and otherwise obliterate are known as Destructive Energies. These are energies present in many other energies and are often created from the effects of those energies. But in a separate form, Destructive Energies can exist solely on themselves if concentrated enough and if the energy is potent.

Corrosive Energy:

Corrosive energy is most commonly associated with aspects of rust, acid, rot and general decay. It is an energy that deteriorates the material, breaking it down into either a lesser form or dust. Unlike other Destructive Energies, corrosive energy separates and returns the material into lesser particles, and can affect almost anything in the world, including immaterial things such as energy.

Atrophic Energy:

Atrophic energy acts similarly to corrosive energy, except it specifically targets organic tissue on a cellular level; deteriorating biological tissue from within and outwards. Athropic energy cripples and debilitates energy and living beings, reducing the purity and structure of what it interacts with. It leads to failure in energy transference, and creates a reduction of vigour. Aging and over-use is deeply affected by atrophic energy.

Cataclysmic Energy:

The complete destruction of anything, immaterial and material, involves cataclysmic energy. It completely breaks down anything it touches until absolutely nothing remains, like removing it from existence. It is one of the most powerful energies in the universe, and in large, concentrated amounts it can lead to absolute annihilation of the things it interacts with. No residue is left behind as all particles are consumed, erased or converted into more cataclysmic energy.


Blight Energies relate mainly to the organic, and affects beings and energy on a deep biological level. The perversion of the natural is most evident in Blight Energies, which corrupts with unnatural defiance and breaks down living essences of body and soul to create organic disfiguration and flaws.

Necrotic Energy:

The avoidance of life and death to create unliving life, namely necromancy, is born from necrotic energy. The absolute defiance of laws pertaining to death are broken to create energy that allows life to persist where it shouldn't; usually through an invasion and overtaking of the soul, and occupancy of a withering, empty body. Necrotic energy is strongest on the Tearworld of Nagal'or, where the being known as Naghulé maintains the Necrotic Soul, which originally created necrotic energy in the world from a corrupted fusion of primordial and aetheric energies. Endomundo also consists of large amounts of necrotic energy, as it is frequently used by wraiths.

Mutative Energy:

Mutative Energy directly affects organic life on a deep biological level; becoming more visible the stronger it grows. Flesh is morphed unnaturally, as a sort of sped up form of evolution that creates unwanted and unwilling irrevocable mutations and abominations. Mutative energy attacks and changes the structure of the cells of a living being and can also make clear effort to corrupt the mind; breaking it down to a more primitive and feral state. This type of energy is often sustained and grown from corrupted magical energies, as well as impure naturistic and blood energies that have been tainted.

Noxious Energy:

Poisons, venoms and all things pertaining to an active dissolution of living tissue, both to mind and body, relates to noxious energy. Toxicity leads to decay that tears away organics, and can be seen affecting a living being in a strong, clearly visible form that degrades and dissolves skin, flesh and bone, or on an internal level that corrupts blood and organs. Noxious energy naturally grows from Primal Energies as a more impure state of those energies; most specifically from naturistic energy.