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Formerly the Keeper of the Seat of Shadows, Gaerdras was a Creator who sought to destroy the Worldsoul; believing that by doing so he could end the Soulbind and release the Creators from Nym's Eye.

He disobeyed his fellow members of the Pantheon of Solitude, and entered into the Solstree to find Tariel. When Gaerdras returned, he claimed everything had been a lie and tried to destroy the Solstree. The other members of the Pantheon of Solitude stopped him and had him imprisoned.

Eventually Garedras' words reached other Creators through his lover, Melissana, and some of them began to doubt the leadership and intentions of the Pantheon of Solitude. They rescued Gaerdras from his shackles, and attempted to seize Solitude (unsuccesfully).

Creators who followed Gaerdras became the Archons, while those who tried to stop him were to be the Divines. The actions of Gaerdras and his followers caused a split between the Creators which led to the War of Eternity.

Gaerdras lost the war when his own brother, Akama, betrayed him by turning him in to the Divines to end the war. The Archons surrendered and were allowed to continue to live in Solitude, but the trust between Archon and Divine would forever be fragile.

Gaerdras himself was drained of power and imprisoned within the planet Nym, where he is now watched over by what remains of the Earthen Gods. It is assumed that he is either in a deep sleep, or that he has been continuously tortured since his imprisonment began.

His lover, Melissana, was made Goddess of the Faithless for having supposedly instigated Gaerdras to start the War of Eternity. She is now a prisoner of Molach in the Planeworld of the Endless Hells.
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 GAERDRAS | (Gah-er-drâs)
- TITLE(S) -
"The Traitor God", "Undergod", "The Imprisoned", "Destroyer of Solitude", "The Divider"
Gaerdras (common), Gar-Tas, Sargaas
Shadows, Endomundo (formerly), the Forsaken
Akama (brother), Melissana (lover)
Archons (formerly), Melissana (lover), Eldritch Gods (supposedly)
Pantheon of Solitude, Divines
Undercults, the Under-Temple
Gaerdras is most commonly depicted as a form consumed by pure, creeping shadows; usually in the shape of a contorting, malnourished, male, human-like being. His face and body are covered in tight, cloth-like bonds that hold him in place in his prison, and they conceal his true form entirely. It is said that he has two distinct forms; one being his physical body, and the other his living shadow. According to those who worship Gaerdras, his living shadow acts as a vessel that can split into many smaller shadows, which he uses to watch and spy on those who whisper his name.

Mortals who worship Gaerdras recognize him as the Undergod, and they serve him in secrecy. He has no official Temple to his name, or at least none that are commonly seen and known by the people. Hidden sanctuaries, shrines and temples are built and maintained by various Undercults, and there are rumours of a larger cult in Gaerdras' name, calling themselves the Under-Temple. Gaerdras' worshipers might turn to him for a number of reasons, though it seems their main interest lies in obtaining power. If they serve him and his cause, and maybe even find a way to free him from his prison, it is thought by his worshipers that Gaerdras might one day reward them once he is freed from his chains.

Many who serve the Eldritch Gods also turn to Gaerdras, though the connection is unclear, and it isn't known if the Eldritch Gods and Gaerdras are truly allies. The Undercults serve a diverse amount of different gods; many of which are thought to be obscure versions of Gaerdras, or independent manifestations of his cause and purpose. Gaerdras seeks to sever the Soulbind and remove the Creators from the world, and so too do his worshipers, or at least allegedly so. They will work in secrecy to undermine the efforts of other Temples and gods, and actively try to spread Gaerdras' name, and recruit more worshipers to his cause of ending the dominion of the Creator Gods.

There are some Darkspirits who still serve Gaerdras in Endomundo, eventhough his brother, Akama, is the current Lord of the Shadow Plane. Gaerdras' worshipers summon and ally themselves with these Darkspirits; ritually binding their souls and blood to various Shades and Wraiths, who then use their physical hosts to feed upon others' souls.

Those who pray to Gaerdras might ask for power and help, when no other gods will answer them. He has sometimes been said to be the God of the Forsaken, and supposedly he will help those who have been abandoned by the other gods. Whether Gaerdras actually does assist his worshipers, if he can hear them, or if he can indeed deistically do anything at all is debatable. It is assumed that his prison has isolated him from the rest of the world beyond, though dark rumours tell of how, now come the End Times, that Gaerdras' voice can be heard more clearly in willing mortals' ears, as his whispers seep from the shadows and darkness.