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Very little is known of Tariel, as his origins are shrouded in mystery, and not even the other Creators are certain of his true colours. He demonstrated an unusual amount of power  (even for a Creator) during the War of Titans, and he is possibly the strongest Creator, according to Arkath.

Tariel is often regarded as "Father" by the Creators, and some Creators call Tariel "Mother", implying that it is not entirely known which gender Tariel is, though most recognize Tariel as a he. It is possible that Tariel is gender-neutral, or that he/she changes regularly depending on who perceives him/her.

Whether Tariel is an actual parent of the Creators is also unknown, and some Creators refuse this idea and don't recognize him as their parent. It is more likely that calling Tariel a Father or Mother is a more titular affair. It is mostly the members of the Pantheon of Solitude who refer to Tariel in a parental title, and it is said that they are his unrelated Aspects, who took his roles when he disappeared into the Solstree.

According to Arkath, it is said that Tariel has been to the other Worldspheres in Nym's Sphere. If this is true, Tariel is likely the only Creator in our world who can leave it without suffering from the effects of the Soulbind.

The fact that he was able to bind the souls of all Creators in Nym's Eye to the Worldsoul speaks greatly of his supposed immense basin of power.

Tariel was the first Creator to arrive in Nym, and it was he who called other Creators to his aid against the Elemental Titans. After the War of Titans ended, Tariel planted the Solstree and isolated himself in it. But first he performed the Soulbind with Nym's Worldsoul, and thus bound all Creators to Nym's Eye; making it impossible for them to leave. Why Tariel did so isn't known, but it is thought that it is a measure he made to ensure that the Creators remained in Nym as its guardians.
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 TARIEL | (Tah-ri-elle)
- TITLE(S) -
"The Absent God", "Overgod", "The Godbinder", "Ruler of Solitude", "The First", "Worldmaker", "Guardian of Nym", "Lightfather/Lightmother"
Tariel (common), Tel'a (elven), Menay, Ata'osh
Pantheon of Solitude (Akama, Arkath, Kelmora, Malendii, Shaar, Tiral, Tylmaar) ?
The Many Gods, Creators, Solo
Solitude, Solstree
Solstree/Citadel of Solitude
Pantheon of Solitude, Divines (some)
Gaerdras, Archons (some)
Faith of the Many Gods,
Tarielic Temple
Not all Creators support Tariel's decision, and some might even be secretly plotting to have him removed from the Solstree. However, the Pantheon of Solitude have put their trust in Tariel and forbid anyone from entering the Solstree to find him. Only Gaerdras truly disobeyed them, which resulted in him convicing other Creators to join him in his quest to sever the Soulbind; a quest which would lead to the the War of Eternity.

Before Tariel entered the Solstree and performed the Soulbind, he revealed his journey to Arkath, which is why we can assume that he has visited the other Worldspheres of Nym's Sphere. But other than that very little is known of Tariel's journey, who he really is or what his true intentions are for Nym's Eye. 

Did Tariel create the other Worldspheres? Is what he is doing in Nym (whatever it might be) the same as what he did elsewhere? What are Tariel's exact intentions, and are they for good or bad? Questions are all that remain, and Tariel's answers are few and vague.

Physical depictions of Tariel vary between male and female forms, although most tend to recognize him as a male. No one truly knows what Tariel looks like, though common themes around his appearance include white, glowing wings, a silver crown floating above his head, and either a blindingly white robe or shining, mirror-esque armour. Tariel is more popularly depicted as a human or human-like being, though various racial cultures hold their own versions of him. In his possession is the famed Sildariac; a divine sword said to have summoned the Creators to Nym after Tariel had first arrived.

Those who worship Tariel look to worldly guidance, in all matters under his light. Tariel doesn't really actively hold any specific domains, but he is referred to by his worshipers as a God of Light. There are, however, not many temples dedicated to Tariel, and he might usually only have a shrine or altar in his name, sitting in another Creator God's temple. It is commonly known that Tariel doesn't need worshipers to sustain his power and life, and so there has never been a need to actively try to spread his influence by his priests.

In regards to Tariel's priests, none of them have any deistic or paragonic powers. Instead they serve Tariel as common men and women, who haven't been Awakened. Since Tariel is isolated and supossedly entirely absent from the affairs of Nym's Eye, he can't provide his worshipers or dedicated followers with any guidance or divine help. As such his most loyal servants are those who provide guidance to worshipers, which they themselves must often first find on their own.

Most cultures know Tariel's name, even if his name isn't always the same in various cultures, or as important as other gods. Whenever someone might say a general prayer, they sometimes reach out to Tariel. It is unknown whether he can actually hear those prayers, and if he can, it's uncertain whether he can act upon them.

Regardless, Tariel is Overgod and God above all Gods, and even the strongest of the other Creators recognice him as such, even if they might secretly oppose the idea.