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Primordials were the first living beings that spawned on Nym, before the Aetherial anchored Aetherius to it. They were gargantuan creatures who moved seas and mountains; shaping Nym into continents and oceans. They were born from the magical energies of the Worldsea, and inherited purpose and memory from the Worldshard. However, most Primordials were similar to Celestials; not entirely intelligent. If anything, they were more like animals and were driven more by instinct than sentient thoughts. When Aetherius was anchored to Nym, the Aetherial began to interact with Primordials, sometimes by mergin with their souls.

In ancient times there were many Primordials, such as the abyss-dwelling seawyrms and the mountain-shaping stonegaerm. But most were killed during the War of Titans by the Elemental Titans, and those who survived went into hiding or evolved to become ancient beasts. Seawyrms in particular still roam the Abyssal Depths, and sightings of them on the surface are so rare that anyone doubts that sailors ever see them, blaming their sightings to sea-sickness or alcohol.

Other, more intelligent Primordials evolved to become Earthen Gods or Wildgods.

Three Primordials were particularly powerful during the ancient times. They were known as the Sea Mothers, and were the ones who breathed life into the seas. There was Claxul, the Shellmother, Slaa, the Wyrmother, and Zael'shi, the Turtlemother. Come the War of Titans, the Sea Mothers fought the Elemental Titans and only Zael'shi survived. Slaa's body was used by the Creators' Dragonforgers to help shape the first Dragons, whilst Claxul's body was never recovered as it sank into the darkness of the Abyssal Depths.

In zjindri cultures, the Sea Mothers are still worshiped as gods, and it is a tradition and faith inherited from the sarazhi before them. It is thought that the spirits of the Sea Mothers still live on through the Ebb and the waves of the Worldsea, and sightings of Zael'shi have been reported not only by zjindri priests, but by some sailors in general. A phenomenon known as a Zael'zjahna (Zael'shi's Wake), where hundreds of glittering sea turtles swim together in the open sea, is said to be evidence of Zael'shi's recent resurfacing from the depths. A Zael'zjahna is generally considered good luck, so long as one doesn't disturb the wake.

Supposedly the first Primordial. According to legends he grew so large that he fell into the Worldsea, shattered and became the lands and continents of the world, and from him spawned the other, smaller Primordials. It is an entertaining idea, but it is considered to be a tribal story, often told by primitive tribes as tales for their children.

It is, however, a strange occurence that the tale repeats itself across so many tribal cultures, in each a different corner of the world. It is likely that a being known as Korr did in fact exist, but to what extent one can't truly say. The origin of the stories are lost in time, as they all began as oral tales to begin with.

According to Sifiran legend, the Crown of the World actually sits on the back of a gigantic Primordial wyrm, that connects the continents of Aesudarh and Northcrown. Sifir and her sisters faced him on their way to the Worldthrone to fight the Elemental King Teruk, and a prolonged battle led to a retreat by Sifir's sisters, but Sifir herself prevailed and defeated the Worldwyrm. Her blows couldn't kill him, but instead she managed to trap him beneath the ice and put him into a deep slumber. After claiming the Harrowfrost from Teruk, Sifir used it to covet the rest of the Crown of the World in ice to keep the Worldwyrm in its coma. It is said that Sifir sings a song to calm the Worldwyrm as it slumbers, and it is supposedly evident when the Crown of the World shakes and settles briefly afterwards. Sifir also taught the Skaldur giants her songs.

Sifir expects the Worldwyrm might awaken again and seek her out; bringing destruction to the northern continents when he does. The Golden Legions of Aesgarn prepare for that day, and it is prophesied as the End Times when the Worldwyrm will consume the Harrowfrost for itself and swallow the entire world with it. It is believed the creation of the Sifiran Pantheon was for the exact purpose to stop it.

There are no titan-sized, gargantuan Primordials left in the world, or at least so it is believed, as no one has seen one in thousands of years. But their descendants still roam Nym's lands, who are known as the Primordial Beasts. In actuality the Beasts are just animals, except they tend to be larger and far more dangerous than common beasts.

Dire Wolves and Garm Wolves are Primordial Beasts, and so are Steeltusks and Mammons, and before them all came the lizardlike Saurus, who served as a base for the Dragon Gods to create the Scaleshaped races.

The definitions for Primordial beasts can be broad, but generally it includes animals that predate the War of Eternity. Most are found in variable places throughout the world, though many seem to have made their homes in the Old Wylds, where they are better able to hide from the rest of the world.

Servants of the Earthen Gods, the Stonekyn more or less went away and slumbered when their masters did. However, Stonekyn serve as the guardians of the Earthen Gods, and so they supposedly watch over them while the Earthen Gods still sleep, or at least watch over what they left behind. As such they aren't completely gone, as they are frequently enough encountered all over the world in the right places.

Their origin isn't well known, but it is believed that Stonekyn were once elemental servants of Earth, who turned away from their former elemental masters and joined with the Earthen Gods. The Stonekyn would make up the majority of the Earthen Gods' armies, and after the Earthen Gods went to sleep, the Stonekyn vigilantly went with them.

Stonekyn take many shapes, but most look humanoid, except they're very large and made almost purely of stone. Forgotten runes are etched upon their stony skin, which glow when a Stonekyn awakes and activates, and there's spiritual residue that emanates from them when they do. It is theorised that sleeping spirits inhabit Stonekyn bodies, which would make Stonekyn more like suits of armour rather than actual beings. At their core lies a crystal-heart, which is well protected behind thick layers of rock, but if exposed can make the Stonekyn very vulnerable.

Today one can sometimes find Stonekyn in the wilds, sleeping and rock-still unless awakened or provoked. They are typically resting in mountains or underground, where they have remained for thousands of years while guarding whatever secrets the Earthen Gods left behind. Adventurers who manage to defeat Stonekyn often come across hidden Nymshards, runic pillars, and similar Earthen mysteries.