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The Kin were originally only the giants, who would in time evolve to become humans, ogres, orcs, half-giants and halflings. It's complicated to explain the origins of the Kin races, as some were created from the Creator Moruk's Bonemelding (effectively making them partially Creatorforged), while others likely evolved on their own throughout the ages. The first Kin are said to have appeared some 17, 000 years ago, when the first giants supposedly settled near the Worldthrone.

Some of the Kin's origins are still mired in mystery. Generally speaking, Kin refers to races that came from the same common forefathers, and they are the youngest of the known races, with the exception of giants, who appeared in Nym long before most other races. Kin are the most widespread of the mortal races and many of the Kin now possess the majority of settled lands in Nym.

Humans in particular have grown plentiful throughout history and lay claim to some of the more advanced civilizations of the world, and their adaptive nature allows them to exist in a large variety of climates and societies. Most Kin races live dominantly in tribal societies; forming clans that often migrate between ancestral territories. The exception lies most notably in humans and halflings, both of which are considerably more advanced than most other Kin. However, humans are quite diverse, and their communities tend to manifest as highly variable forms of either advanced or primitive cultures.


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