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Darker days approach.

It has been near a thousand years since the Black Serpent was slain by the People of the First Candle, and Light returned to a darkened, terrifying world. Of course, it is now believed only by few to be a true tale, and many favour it more as an old myth.

For many centuries the comforting warmth of the Candle and its Church kept and held Pandora's people.

Until now; at the turn into an age of industry and widespread scientific pursuit, where the divide between faith and science has become far too prevalent.

Nations and greater Empires set their eyes on their neighbors and battle on seas, skies and land, as they battle for the right for resources to fuel their machines of industry, their control of Faith, and their lust for riches, power and the right to rule. The world sits at the potential beginning of a great war that threatens to consume it all.

Old ways are set aside as the ability to harness electricity has changed the world, and old barriers that once kept ships from sailing the Stormseas are now overcome. And with these obstacles removed came the discovery of a new continent; colossal in size and home to strange flora and fauna, and inhabited by an even stranger folk. The primitive and the civilized clash.

Rumours of magic, witches and other supernatural occurrences, grown more common after the discovery of the New World, rile up the people in fear and confusion. Yet learned men of degrees and books proudly dare to push aside these occurrences as nothing more than peasant superstition.

Because now is not a time for old faiths or traditions, nor a time for old worlds. It is now a time for a new world, one for scientific enlightenment and logic to reign.

  • Sarrad
  • Xiam
  • Pandora
  • Pangolia
  • Xintam
  • New Cadian Empire
  • Holy Norlesian Empire
  • Kovossan Iron Kingdoms
  • Castian Empire
  • United Hagen Republics
  • Noranian Lesser Nations
  • Soranian Guilder States
  • Eastern Nations
  • Norslander Chiefdoms
  • Noranians
  • Norslanders
  • Caidhe
  • Mechians
  • Soranians
  • Sarradine
  • Ximese
  • Narum
  • The Awakening
  • Outsiders
  • Magic
  • The Avian Plague
  • The Narum Mystery
  • Velter's Blot
  • The Black Serpent
  • Church of the Candle
  • The Wild Spirits
  • Narum Oracles
  • Galvan's Code
  • The Grand Colleges
  • The Great Blight
  • Age of Flight
  • The Voltaic Revolution
  • Calvo Galvan, Genius
  • Mechian Technology
  • Arcantian Coal
  • Steamforged Steel
  • Galvic Oil
  • Viper
  • The Manufactory
  • Cadian Explorers' Club
  • Frontiersmen
  • Bureaus of Commerce
  • The Underground
  • DeVille's Legion
  • League of Sparrows
  • The Workshop
  • Lodge of Hunters
  • Bluemantles
  • The Dark Times
  • Age of Light
  • The Imperial Era
  • The Colonial Era
  • The Galvic Era