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"The Bluemantles. As ridiculous a name as it is simple and non-inventive. I have heard ever increasing tales of this supposed Order's involvement of the obviously fake and imagined. So-called hunters of witches, bloodsuckers, nightprowlers and other supernatural fantasy. Clear superstition brought on by the uneducated and common Man and Woman. But even so, the populous romanticize and promote these mentally ill, deluded hunters of magic through song and stories, and in doing so they propagate and fill the masses' ears with ever hardening foundations for legend to become real."

- Lord Jonathan Pensworth, magistrate of Travishavn

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Lord Paladin Victor Callowhan
1630 AL
Travishavn, Bretony


The Bluemantles were founded by a Arthur Callowhan in 1630 AL, not long after the events of the Awakening. He, as a member of the Cadian Archaeologists Club, had set out on an expedition in 1628 AL, deep into the Great Sarradian Desert to unearth the Tomb of Narvan Ilhalad, one of the ancient Narum Oracles. This was before the Narum had begun to make efforts to find their Oracles, and it was one of the few known tombs that had yet to be plundered.

A few months during the excavation, Callowhan's expedition cleared out a Narvanian Temple within the tomb, where they found the body of the Unawakened Narvan Ilhalad, and couldn't wake her. During the following night, Callowhan felt drawn towards the Temple, where he was confronted by the spirit of Narvan Ilhalad, who briefly possessed him. According to Callowhan, she revealed to him a prophecy of the Black Serpent's return, and then she suddenly disappeared, or died. What remained were fragments of her memories, now lodged within Callowhan's mind.

Upon his return to his home-city, Travishavn, in Bretony, Callowhan made efforts to establish a knightly order which then was known as The Hourglass, but is now more commonly referred to as the Bluemantles. The order took the symbol of a Narvanian Hourglass, which symbolizes urgency. Although they don't act as knights in any way or show clear religious worship, they tend to call themselves Paladins.

Earlier works of the order were focused on gathering knowledge of ancient Narum texts and references towards Black Magic. As such it was not a famous order at the time, and few had ever heard of them. For sixty years the order was focused on building an extensive of library of the supernatural.

It wasn't until very recently, when the order became more active as an organization of blackspawn hunters that their fame began to rise. According to witnesses who have supposedly seen the Bluemantles at work, they have fought creatures of myth such as bloodsuckers and nightprowlers, which, as any educated scholar knows, are mere creatures of myth. It is more likely these witnesses misunderstood what they saw.

Even so, the Bluemantles made headlines in 1725 AL across the territories of the Cadian Empire, when they were involved in the more famous Massacre of High Nook in Travishavn, where two local gangs were literally torn apart; their limbs scattered across the entire alley. It is unknown what clear involvement the Bluemantles played in the Massacre, but their order suffered heavily from the negative publicity and implication that they were the cause of it, despite hard evidence to prove it.

With Arthur Callowhan passing in 1696 AL, the reigns of leadership were passed down to his only son. The order is now led by Victor Callowhan as the order's Lord Paladin, and his daughter, Elysa Callowhan, as the order's Lead Scryer. In the order, a Paladin is what one could call a foot-soldier, whilst a Scryer is supposedly a librarian. For those that believe in superstition, it is rumored that Elysa is what occultists refer to as an Outsider, or, more commonly, a witch.

The Bluemantles aren't a large organization and possess only a small handful of members. They are called Bluemantles because of their blue coats, which are made of tough flame-retardant materials. The manufacture of these coats are a secret of the order, believed to originate from a Galvan Book in their possession. These coats are useful because of the fact that the Bluemantles specialize in using fire as a primary weapon. Additionally, they also train to withstand magic, although it is unclear what methods are used to battle what most people consider to be imaginary superstition.

The order believes, unlike many higher standing figures and institutions of science, that the Black Serpent is real, and that it is the cause for the Awakening occurring, meaning that its return is nearing. The Bluemantles have sworn to follow Narvan Ilhalad's prophecy and hunt down the malefic servants of the Black Serpent that spawned from the Awakening, in an effort to find a way to permanently dissuade the Black Serpent's return. This is supposedly done by acquiring ancient Narum artifacts, which the Bluemantles believe to hold magical powers that can aid them in their quest.