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Of all the modern art, knowledge and technological advances that have been made as of recent times, much of it can be credited to the genius of a single man: Calvo Galvan. Galvan, originally a Soranian man but lived his remaining years in Norlesia, was prosecuted as a Black Magic practitioner by the Church of the Candle, Norlesian branch, and sentenced to death by fire in 1658 AL. His supposed crimes also included conspiracy, blasphemy and treachery.

It is only recently that Galvan’s legacy has started to take form. Before his demise, he had written and accumulated a large collection of various books, manuscripts and papers regarding his thoughts and research. Being a man of paranoid tendencies, all of his written work was put to ink in code. When his property and possessions were ceased by the Church, all of Galvan’s work was supposedly incinerated. Oddly enough, this would seem to not have been the case after all.

Some fifty years later, his works began to appear once again throughout the world; even appearing as far away as on the Pandoran continent. Private collectors had accumulated these books, although it is hard to say how they procured them, as a large majority of these collectors can't seem to recall.

A Cadian physicist by the name of Dale Tilton procured a number of these Galvan books, and, through vigorous study, managed to decipher some of them. This, in turn, led to the Voltaic Revolution, which has seen both Tilton and Cadia prosper to the increasing use of electrical energy, and the machinery that uses it. Other nations adopted Cadia's technology, but have failed to properly live up to the same level.

Galvan’s Code, as it would be known as, would become an instrumental study for scientific pursuit, as Galvan’s works had revealed the clear genius of the man. His theories and research still surpasses that of what modern scientists have discovered and researched today. Galvan even touches upon theories of a process known as Soul Transfer, which seem to be linked with how the Narum, who are mummified and mechanical in their physiology, can be alive.

Tilton, with the aid and blessing of the Cadian Royal Crown and Cadian Royal Academy, established the Galvan Conclave, which would dedicate itself on gathering and deciphering more of Galvan’s works. Galvan wrote his code in many languages and never kept to one single method, and so each of his books and manuscripts are uniquely ciphered. It is unknown how many individual papers Galvan wrote, but the Galvan Conclave currently holds 34 books, 29 manuscripts and 102 lesser papers and letters. Out of all these only a mere 4 books, 7 manuscripts and 19 papers and letters have been deciphered.

Galvan’s Code reveals a large variety of different secrets and revelations; not all of which are terribly relevant or valuable to modern scientific pursuits, though they remain forever interesting and genius. So far the Galvan Conclave has revealed a number of technological electric machines, literary masterpieces, wild yet intriguing theories of world and phenomenon origins, and alchemical recipes for enhancement tonics and elixirs. Galvan’s Code has also revealed a rather particular and ground-breaking recipe for Cloud Cake, which engages the senses in ways never before thought possible, thus it earns it name of “Galvan’s Heaven Delight”.

But not all of Galvan's works have proven to be beneficial or safe. The clearest example are the events of the Blight (also referred to as the Cannibal Plague) in 1704 AL, and the aftermath of it, which are ongoing to this day in some parts of the Old World. When Doctor Rupert VanHolch, renowned in Hagen, deciphered one of Galvan's books, believing it to reveal the cure for sickness, he willingly shared his findings with the scientific public. It resulted in mass-production of health potions from different manufacturers and businesses in cities throughout the Old World. Unfortunately the majority of these potions caused in their consumers extreme hunger, and other side-effects involved speechlessness, pustules that cracked and expelled blood from the skin, madness and, worst of all, cannibalism. Attempts to cure the Blight only resulted in the creation of more monstrosities.

Because of these events, the revelations of Galvan's books have been less likely to be released to the general public in recent years.

It is believed and otherwise known that there are many more books still in circulation. Galvan’s works are highly sought after by not only wealthy collectors and museums, but by larger factions, such as nations and independent organizations. Galvan’s Code reveals power, and there are many who seek this power for themselves. Galvan’s works are highly priced and extremely valuable, as is the various discoveries and inventions they spawn.

Sometimes Galvan’s Code has led to other various and dangerous discoveries, many of which pertain to Black Magic and witchcraft. These works are highlighted by Candlers as evidence of Galvan’s madness and blasphemy, although a majority of those outside of the Church merely ignore this so called proof. To them it is mere superstition, though even so, many of Galvan’s books that contain passages of Black Magic are banned in the major nations.

Galvan’s Code has also spawned a following of worshipers who deem the man himself a god amongst men. These cultists are supposedly rare and few, and are often regarded as nothing but foolish madmen. Even so, recent years have seen Galvan’s words and teachings reach more ears, and with them the cults have grown larger, more daring and much more dangerous in their dedication and possible hedonistic practices in Galvan’s name.

Even so there are also those who are, at least, somewhat more reasonable and sane in their worship. Galvan's Code, while not entirely a religion, can be regarded as a sort of teaching of philosophy, and many follow Galvan's teachings quite religiously due to his revealed wisdom and mysterious predictions. Those who do not willingly accept their public branding as cultists name themselves Galvanites, and find solace as members of the growing Galvan Abbey.

It is still not entirely known how Galvan came to possess the knowledge he held. Theories are many, some of which include the image of the Black Serpent whispering secrets in his ears, but absent of proof and hard facts, there are none who can know with complete certainty.