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Velter's Blot, also known as Velter's Ink, Velter's Stain or the Blackstorm, is an unnatural, reoccurring weather phenomenon which first appeared about 85 years ago, in 1641 AL. It was observed by a Hagenine explorer by the name of Vandam Winlam when he was sailing along the eastern Pangolian coast. No one believed him or even his crew, assuming instead that they had experienced mass hallucinations from eating Pangolian Krakfish. According to Winlam, whose exploration fleet originally consisted of three ships, the Ulrikke, the Cadona, and the Tidus, the storm they suffered sucked up two of the ships, leaving only Winlam's ship, the Cadona, remaining.

Velter's Blot had its existence confirmed in 1657 AL when a far more renowned explorer by the name of Hans Velter, from Mercuria, witnessed the storm while in the deeper Pandoran mountains. He had a bird's eye view from atop a mountain peak, and he quickly put the shape to paper before the storm rapidly disappeared. At first people believed it was a spill of ink on one of his papers, thus it earned its most common name of Velter's Blot.
The true threat of Velter's Blot was not truly realized until it appeared outside the coast of southern Cadia, during a battle between the Cadian 2nd Fleet and the Norlesian 9th and 5th Fleets, in 1688 AL. Admiral Robert Taylor, commanding the Cadian 2nd Fleet at the time described the storm as such:

"When it first appeared all sound of the battle momentarily ceased, as if all noise had no more volume. Briefly thereafter, there was a shattering crack and blinding flash, from sudden thunder and lightning, and darkest hell broke loose. Day had turned night, and wind and rain crashed into us like hail. It felt like hours went by, but by the end I realized only minutes had passed. In the aftermath, the entire Norlesian assault had disappeared and two thirds of our ships were burning or gone. The storm itself was away in an instant. The screams and terror from ships nearer the epicenter still haunt me to this day."

The storm appeared again two years later, 1690 AL, in Hagenhav. It consumed half the city and put to flame the remaining half. About 390 000 citizens were lost or dead once Velter's Blot had passed. While this event proves that the storm can be extremely dangerous and possibly unavoidable if it appears, it is the only time it has appeared over a heavily populated city. Occurrences of Velter's Blot are very rare, and when it does appear it is typically in remote areas, or so it is believed.

It is unclear how it continues to appear or what its purpose is. It is undoubtedly the same storm, as it is described with the same characteristics every time it appears. Black clouds with intense, white lightning emanating from inside it, and a force of power and wind that attempts to suck up everything in its path. From the very center of the storm, observers say that they have witnessed a great, white light in the shape of an eye, although some have said that they have seen the shape of a man inside the eye, and even a curling snake in some occasions. Most agree that the trauma and shock of these survivors' accounts merely play tricks on their eyes.

Scientific minds set on studying and revealing the storm's secrets struggle between various theories. Some think that Velter's Blot is attracted by unseen forces or energies in the air, like specific changes in wind and temperature, while a few others believe that it inherently a weather phenomenon rooted in magic, and so there are those who theorize that Velter's Blot is summoned by Black Magic. Of course, the latter is based on mere superstition, and is not taken seriously in educated, respected circles of science.