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The Sisters are a group of dryads who reside in the Ashawake Wilderness. Few have seen them with their own eyes, and tales speak of how the Sisters snatch any lost girls they find in the woods, to then turn them into one of their own.

It is said that they despise men, and will tear out the hearts of any male prey to feed the Wilderbeasts of the woods.

Free Rangers sometimes interact with the Sisters, but very rarely, as the Sisters prefer to hide from the eyes of mortals, or at least until they are on the hunt for more prey.

Dryads are fey-creatures (Feykind, also known as Feyfolken or Wyldfolk) who originate from the Feyrealm (the Wyld Dream). They are an offspring of Malendii’s Wyldfolk children, and it is said that they were mischievous Wyldfolk girls who were punished by Malendii. As punishment she bound them to trees, ensuring that a dryad must always be near what would be called her ‘birth-tree’. As such a dryad gains her magical strength from her birth-tree, and if she was to be separated she would lose all her powers and slowly die. It is possible to move a dryad’s birth-tree by planting a new one with the acorns from the original tree. This destroys the old tree and temporarily puts the dryad in question in a weakened and vulnerable state, until she properly reconnects with the new tree and regains her magical powers. 

The appearances of a dryad depend on the forest she resides in. While they have the general body and form of a young and beautiful human woman, their skin is typically bark-like, and their hair consists mainly of leaves and vines. Additionally, they often appear in nude. Dryads have the ability to morph their limbs into branches, often using them as weapons in dire situations, and they are capable of merging themselves into any tree near them. This makes dryads difficult to spot, and even harder to catch. Some Dryads take the form of stone and exhibit rock-skin. These Dryads are generally referred to as Stryads.

Dryads are generally very playful creatures who enjoy dancing and playing tricks on people. They sometimes unintentionally trick people into harm’s way, which is why many people would advise against interacting with a dryad. Despite all this, they are children of Malendii and the forests, and live to serve the goddess’ will for the good and care of the woodlands and nature.

Dryads can be even more dangerous when they are angry or feel threatened. If the forests they guard are in danger, they will do anything to destroy any offenders. As such dryads can be extremely protective and hostile sometimes, and trust in anyone they perceive as threatening towards nature is not easy to obtain. Dryads don't typically speak to mortals, yet some say that it is more a choice than an inability to understand and convey language. This alone is one sure-way of ending up in a bout of misunderstandings, and thus hostility.

As to how new dryads are made, there are many stories told by mortals to explain it. While there is no conclusive evidence or known fact as to how dryads come into existence, many believe that they naturally spring forth from trees. However, there are many who also believe that dryads simply lure in and kidnap young mortal girls, to then turn them into dryads; thus giving mortals yet another reason to want to avoid these children of nature. Asking a dryad (if she were to be friendly enough) about her creation, she'd most likely avoid the question entirely or spin a wild tale.

While mostly solitary beings, some dryads tend to form small "families" ranging between three to ten dryad members, although anything above five is extremely rare. "Families" are formed when there is a specific task that requires several dryads to work together, or they are formed simply because dryads value companionship.

Most continents of the world are home to Dryads, given that most continents have forests and jungles that support the conditions required for a Dryad's survival.