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Leader: Edmire Groad

Base of Operations: Rivana

Number of Members: 600 (estimate)
The Brotherhood of Blades was established after the defeat of the Riven Blade; a rebel movement which attempted to overthrow the king of Rivana in favor of forming a republic. With the rebellion destroyed, the Brotherhood of Blades was founded as a band of freedom fighters, but to this day is more considered to be a group of lowly bandits and thugs who stalk the forests and roads of the Eastern Kingdoms in Norrhan.

The Brotherhood make their living by raiding trade caravans and setting up ambushes along the forest roads for hapless travelers to walk into. They swear to fight for the people, and promise to give all their stolen loot back to the common people. However, the Brotherhood keeps most of it for themselves, and commoners are just as victimized by banditry as noblemen are. In essence, the Brotherhood of Blades are nothing more but violent thugs and bandits.
Although they are viewed as villainous scum and a pestilence to the people of the Eastern Kingdoms, the members of the Brotherhood hold a tight bond with each other. Every man of the Brotherhood is more or less equal, and they weigh respect and duty to each other as their most important qualities. When a man takes on the Brotherhood's Blades on his skin, he is branded a blood brother for life, and thus he must honour his new brethren like they were his true brothers.

While all men are equal in the Brotherhood, there are those that must also lead to ensure that the Brotherhood stays strong. Any man may become a Blade Leader; that is if the man in question can win in a duel against a current Blade Leader. Each Blade Leader holds leadership over their own small band of Brothers, and it is unknown how many such bands exist. Supposedly there are Brotherhood camps all over the Eastern Kingdoms' forests. However, the Blade Leaders are merely captains, whilst the true ruler of the Brotherhood is known as the Lord of Blades. Only the strongest and most cunning of brothers can ever hope to become the ruler of the Brotherhood of Blades.