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Leader: Archmage Ashanda

Base of Operations: Caldum

Number of Members: 1000+

The Convocation of Mages is one of the largest and most influential Mage Orders in the world, and is dominantly responsible for the magical affairs that occur in the lands of Avanor and in some parts of Norrhan. They currently maintain the city of Palinthal on the island of Caldum; one of the few remaining free mage cities in the world. They are one of the oldest orders in the world, and has many times suffered at the hands of those who fear or hate magic and mages.

All individuals (in the Convocation's area of influence) recognized for their talents and affinity in magic are sent to the Convocation, where they train and study for many years to learn how to best control their powers. Eventually some of these individuals are contacted by kings and lords for the purpose of serving as advisers; a deal they must uphold because of the Caldum Treaty.

Most apprentices of the Convocation arrive at a young age, many of which are of highborn descent. The Convocation allows all races to study magic, yet they consist mainly of humans and a large amount of half-elves. Initiates are made to shave their heads once they join the Convocation. In olden days this was due to a belief that information would be more easily absorbed through the head, though these days it is more of a simple tradition. Convocation initiates are also, like in many mage organizations (legal or otherwise), trained in using staves. A common misconception says that mage staves are what allows mages to cast spells, though this is quite false. In the case of Convocation mages, the training in staves is to ensure that the mage can defend him/herself without using magic, though staves can also be used to extend a mage's reach with certain spells.


Once an apprentice's training is complete and he or she succeeds in the final tests and trials, the apprentice is elevated to the rank of Red Mage; the common name given to all mages who have studied in the Convocation's colleges. A newly graduated Red Mage has mainly two possible choices; to become an adviser for a Lord or King, or travel the world for a while to study and gather more knowledge in his/her chosen school of magic. Most mages from the Convocation choose to continue studies in the fields of Arcanism, Alteration or Conjuration.

The Convocation's mages are taught to control and respect magic; teachings they have adopted from the times the Anorian Sacellum held power in Palinthal. A Red Mage is told to maintain great discipline in the arts of magic and to not wield magic recklessly. The dangers of unbalanced uses of magic are taught with great focus, as magic can be both powerful and corruptible. Any mage of the Convocation must give two drops of their blood; the first of which is stored in a pendant they carry around their neck, as a sort of anchor and storage for their memories. The second drop is stored in a vial in Palinthal's vaults; where it is guarded by the Vindicators. Its purpose is to act as a link between the mage and the Vindicators, should the mage in question decide to abandon his or her teachings, and become a renegade. These renegades are then hunted down by the Vindicators, and few mages manage to escape their grasp.

The Vindicators themselves were originally an order of knights and paladins who served the Anorian Sacellum in enforcing and watching over the mages under their supervision. But over the centuries as their roles have changed, they have become the Convocation's guardians and guidance; teaching the Convocation's students the dangers of losing control over magic. The Vindicators also work to track down renegades and imprison or kill any dangerous mages they come across. Effectively the Vindicators are mage-hunters, skilled in the arts of fighting against those who wield magic.

An Evoker is actually nothing unique or strange. Typically when a mage graduates from the Convocation, he or she becomes a Red Mage, which is the more common term for an Evoker.

Evokers travel the world after they pass their final trials, to search for magical knowledge, artifacts or anything else that they can return to the Convocation with, all in the hopes of either increasing their own skill and mind, or to obtain higher status within the Order.

As Red Mages, Evokers are skilled in the arts of Arcanism, Alteration and Conjuration, and they are typically very adept at handling a staff, and sometimes more weapons such as swords or crossbows. An Evoker is normally seen as being very conservative when using magic, opting to only use it when it is deemed most necessary. 

This is simply just another product of their training in the Convocation, though it means that the Evoker is just as skilled in physical combat as he or she is in wielding magic.