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Leader: Unknown

Base of Operations: Amaranthia (formerly)

Number of Members: 10 000 (formerly)

The Cult of the Forsaken is one of the oldest cults in Avanor. It was formed somewhere during the Age of Death by necromancers who embraced the decay of the Great Plague. They heralded the plague as a sign from a nameless god they know only as the Death Lord. In the past, the Cult held much power and influence in the lands of Avanor, and at one point they ruled over the Kingdom of Amaranthia.

Today the Cult holds fewer members and is less organized in Arganorh. However, pockets of necromantic circles still linger in several parts of both Avanor and Norrhan; most commonly in the cover of forests, abandoned crypts and within city sewers. Some members of the Cult are also said to be part of the influential elite, though most of those who join the Cult are outcast mages or even sentient, risen dead.

While the Cult of the Forsaken mainly holds its strongest influence on the Twin-Continents, there are supposedly also a few circles found on the other continents, and particularly so in Ryumar. After Amaranthia was retaken from the Cult, several of its members fled south across the sea, led by their nameless god, and spread their influence in the lands known as Pyram and its surrounding territories. There they have roused the undead of long lost Iltam, which has caused a great deal of danger to the Free Cities of the continent.

The Cult's most pressing purpose is to create a realm of undeath in Tariel where the Death Lord can manifest and rule. The Cult believes that once this is done, they will be rewarded with godly powers, and become kings of an undead world. This is something the Priestesses of Kelmora, True Goddess of Death, cannot accept or let happen. For every dead the Cult raises, another soul is stolen from Kelmora's care. As such, Kelmora's followers actively work to see the downfall of the Cult of the Forsaken.