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The Dark Beyond, also referred to as the Otherworlds, are the realms and worlds that exist outside of Tariel’s own realms and planes. Many make the mistake of thinking that the Dark Beyond and Planeworlds are the same; while in fact the Dark Beyond refer to worlds beyond Tariel, and the Planeworlds refer to realms that exist within Tariel, or between the Dark Beyond and Tariel. According to those dedicated in the study of the Dark Beyond, and from some Otherworlder visitors, there are countless worlds out there; each with their own natural rules, cultures, gods, nations and races. Strangely enough, of the Otherworlds that are known in some detail, a majority of these worlds do not hold such a environmental diversity as Tariel does.

Interactions between Tariel and the Dark Beyond are fairly rare. In a majority of times, Otherworlders are the ones who visit Tariel; many of which can’t go back to their original worlds. Travel between the Dark Beyond and Tariel is not fully understood, and it seems to entail a great deal of variables and methods that are not always easy to assemble. It is most commonly a delicate and complicated system that involves a great deal of magic and understanding of how the universe functions. Sometimes it is an act of deities that allows World to World travel.

Most Otherworlders arrive in Tariel by accident or through banishment. On a few occasions, Tariel denizens have been able to visit the Dark Beyond, but, like with the Otherworlders who visit Tariel, not all are able to return home. Those of the Otherworlders who have come to Tariel live in their own communities in various parts of the world. A few of these races mingle with other Tariel-born in the many bustling cities, and are often shunned for their stranger-than-normal ways of life and customs.

While there are hundreds, if not many, many thousands of different worlds out in the Dark Beyond, each with their own climates and quirks, only a handful are as of currently known to the denizens of Tariel.