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Leader: Lord Duelist Maddeus Raus

Base of Operations: Steel Republics

Number of Members: 500+

To some people all that matters in life is the thrill of a good, decent fight, and to others it's about showing off their skill with a blade. The Dauntless Roses are both of these. They are an Order of duelists and fencers who travel the world looking for a decent, hard-fought challenge between swords. They value respect and honour; teaching the aspects of a "gentleman's code" during battles.

Most members of the Dauntless Roses are of lower birth, though they accept exceptional members from the noble ranks every now and then. Described as arrogant, pompous and boastful, the Dauntless Roses are  known throughout Arganorh for their brilliant swordplay and their abnormal willingness to issue duels.

In the greatest sense the Dauntless Roses are adventurers. They explore the world for wealth and fame, trying to make a name for themselves that will go down in the history books. Additionally, their quest to become greater fighters often has them traveling the world in search of knowledge; knowledge that will teach them new fighting techniques, most typically from skilled individuals.

Dauntless Roses are quite vain, preferring to dress themselves in flashy, albeit sensible clothing, and their fighting techniques are typically equally flashing. Even so they are no fools, and their techniques are considerably skillful and dangerous. One would be wise not to blindly cross swords with a member of the Dauntless Roses.

While the majority of their members might be of lower birth, they do have some portions of nobility in their ranks. These members of nobility are often outcasts or runaways, who have either shamed their families or decided that a life in a noble house was not for them. Notably, the Dauntless Roses issue equality amongst their members. Any man or woman can duel another one whenever they wish; in fact, it is encouraged. To a degree this has sparked a competitive nature between them, where they try to outdo each other in everything they can think of.

The Dauntless Roses might not be the wealthiest organization, and they mostly depend on their members to acquire what equipment they require. As such many of the Dauntless Roses' members dream of gaining wealth; ideally to the point where they can retire in a mansion by the countryside, or something like that. A Dauntless Rose would preferably achieve that dream through fair means; meaning that they would likely not cheat or go the route of a criminal. After all, the Dauntless Roses are duelists, and so to them life is all about upholding a respectable code of honour; in battle and otherwise.

The Dauntless Duelist holds a reputation for being a fame-seeking adventurer. She will typically stay in the civilized regions of the world, but every now and then one of these Duelists can be found traversing the wilds or ruins; exploring the world, and looking for treasure or to learn new fighting techniques.

Duelists are first and foremost excellent fighters; sporting a number of techniques, both exotic and regular, that further defines their sword-fighting art. Seeing a Duelist fight is like watching a flashy dance of acrobatics. Duelists primarily arm themselves with a fine rapier or other thin blades. Sometimes they will possess daggers for deflection or throwing, and others might take up arms with a pistol; though the pistol, considered by some as a coward's weapon, is usually meant for last resorts or distractions.

A Dauntless Duelist will firstly try to fight fairly and by following a code of honour. Fighting dirty or breaking a predetermined rule to a duel is considered foul and dishonourable, and most Duelists will think carefully to ensure that they don't appear as such.