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Leader: Highseeker Oberyn Thulmore

Base of Operations: The High Marches

Number of Members: 250+

The Dawnseekers are true believers in the Light of the Divine, and came to the High Marches to spread the word of the Divine Faith. Though they have so far only been somewhat successful in their attempts to convert the non-believers, their primary focus these days are in the protection of the innocent by means of hunting down the many wild monstrosities that stalk the lands of the north.

Members of the Dawnseekers are renowned as mighty monster hunters and knights of justice. They are currently held up in the High Marches, in the previously abandoned fortress of Kings' End. They take no profit from their monster slaying, since they consider it their duty as holy knights to help the helpless. Whatever money they require they acquire from donations. Their actions throughout the High Marches have been met with much praise and support from both commoners and noblemen.
The Order accepts any man or woman of any race who is willing to help the poor, bring justice to the unjust and cleanse the land of foul creatures. The Dawnseekers hold a few hundred members in strength; many of which are former knights or paladins of the Anorian Sacellum. As such the Order focuses heavily on the virtues of the Divine Faith and the Teachings of Andarien. A strong faith in the Divine is a needed requirement to join the Dawnseekers. Because of their devotion, the Order is given a lot of support from the Anorian Sacellum on Avanor; most of which in coins to better equip the Order's knights and train all the young and fresh recruits.

A Dawnseeker's duties also involves the recovery of ancient, religious relics; most of which are in some way affiliated with the Divine Faith. This includes anything from valuable trinkets to holy weapons and armour. Once recovered, the relics are brought back to Kings' End and stored within its well protected vault. It is believed that the Dawnseekers hold the largest collection of Divine Faith treasures in Norrhan. Thus the Order is also tasked with guarding these relics, as many criminals, large and small, would like nothing else but to break into the Dawnseeker Vault and claim its treasures. So far, much thanks to the vigilance of the Dawnseekers, no thief has been known to succeed.
The majority of Dawnseekers will operate in and around the High Marches in Norrhan. But every now and then they will venture to the other continents, often when there is a relic that must be recovered, or when members of the Divine Faith are in need of aid.

A Dawnseeker often dons heavy armour and prefers to wield a shield and a sword when fighting, though some Dawnseekers equip two-handed hammers or axes. They rely a great deal on brute force, and excel as well-trained warriors. However, a Dawnseeker also has access to Deistic powers granted from the Divine through their prayers, though they are taught not to rely on their faith alone.

While Dawnseekers are warriors of the Divine Faith and live to serve it, they often work to fight injustice and to help those in need. They also travel the lands to hunt down particularly menacing monstrosities that are threatening local settlements, and thus they've earned a reputation as monster hunters.