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Leader: High Commander Brenton Trass

Base of Operations: Ostmere, Valaís, Amaranthia, Redwain, the New Imperium, the High Marches, Tamren

Number of Members: 1100+
Having been founded in the beginning of the Age of Dragons, the Dragonslayer Guilds originally consisted of fairly small, poorly groups of hunters, ex-soldiers and similar. These men and women took up arms to defend their homes in Ostmere, which were threatened by the return of the dragons. Over time they developed a knack for slaying dragons; adopting a variety of techniques that they perfected as their slaying improved and their equipment got more versatile at slaying dragons.

With the rise of the Dragonslayer Guilds, the guilds became larger. There were three Dragonslayer Guilds then, at present day there are seven; the largest of which governs the rest. It was mostly thanks to the support of the Ostmerian people and the Ostmerian nobility that the guilds became so strong and influential in not only the Kingdom of Ostmere, but throughout a majority of the nations in Avanor and parts of Norrhan.
The Dragonslayer Guilds consist of seven distinct guilds; each now stationed in their respective nation. There are smaller bands of Dragonslayers throughout the world, but the largest organized groups retain their headquarters in the larger nations as these guilds. The guilds are the Drakfire Band in Redwain, the Blue Spears in Valaís, the Sotbrand Brethren in Amaranthia, the Slaying Imps in the New Imperium, the Skybreakers in the High Marches, the Serpentlords in Tamren, and, the largest of them all, the Obsidian Knights in Ostmere.

While the Dragonslayers were founded for the purpose of slaying dragons, and they train their recruits in the arts of killing such creatures, their guilds have more or less already slain the majority of dragons that once threatened the lands of Arganorh, and as such these days there are few Dragonslayers who have actually fought and killed an actual dragon. Instead the Dragonslayers often set out to hunt monsters or provide aid to local villages and cities. In more recent times the Dragonslayers have been known to travel to the other continents, in search of dragons to slay there.

With the decline of dragons throughout the majority of the known world, the Dragonslayers more or less depend on taking monster slaying jobs to maintain their coffers. They are not a charitable organization, and will more often than not expect payment for their work. Dragonslayers bands travel the world in search of jobs that need doing; be it to hunt and destroy monsters or bandits, or to do what they have trained their entire lives to do; to slay dragons. To the Dragonslayers it is mostly about the wealth and fame they achieve, and the trophies they get to bring home as proof of their skill and prowess as slayers.

There are numerous bands and individual wanderers of Dragonslayers throughout the world. They travel from town to town, looking for work that suits their skills as efficient slayers. Dragonslayers hunt mainly for fame, coin and trophies; taking great pride in the collections they wind up gathering over the years.

A Dragonslayer is first and foremost trained in the arts of slaying dragons. They learn what weapons work best, what types of dragons there are and what their weaknesses are, as well as the most efficient way to stay alive. Most dragonslayers dual-wield weapons, typically axes or swords, though some equip themselves with spears or crossbows to better penetrate a dragon's tough scales.

Dragons aren't the only creatures Dragonslayers are trained to fight against. They also know how to deal with the various monsters throughout the land, thus granting them an affinity for monster hunting. Dragonslayers employ techniques that can be defined as fighting dirty, though to them it is all about winning the battle, and not about how one wins it.