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The Essential Elements are the twelve major elements that help to maintain the balance of our world. Most of these elements (particularly air, fire, earth and water) only became essential to the existence and balance of Tariel because of the Elemental Lords, who, in their greed, used their elemental powers to rule and control the world. When the Creators arrived to defeat and imprison the Elemental Lords, they realized shortly after that Tariel had become dependent on the elemental powers. In time, other powers such as ethereal and astral became just as essential as the four previously mentioned elements, much thanks to the Creators, who were themselves beings of mainly astral and ethereal energies.
The Elemental Rose was commissioned to and designed by the Guild of Alchemists (the most influential mage order present in Ashanor) in an effort to illustrate and better understand how the Essential Elements correspond not only to the world around us, but with each other as well. Through some effort of research and study, the Alchemists learned that the elements were dependent on each other for their own existence, and thus revealed that the elemental balance was far more important than previously believed. Without one element another would falter, and in turn the others would follow. Thus these twelve elements that were discovered to co-exist in balance were to be known as the Essential Elements.

Ice would not exist without water and air, light would not be present without air and fire, life would not survive without earth and water, and so on. The most essential elements, such as nature and mana (magical energy), nourish their surrounding elements, and thus ensures that these elements can flourish. It is with this knowledge that some mages, particularly specialized in elementalism, learn how to master and understand magic and spells that draw power from the elemental energies of the world and universe. Knowing the source and focusing on these energies allows a mage to control these powers far more efficiently.

While the rose represents twelve Essential Elements, it is believed by some that there are still some elements yet to be discovered.


The Planar Elements require the existence and balance of each other and the Core Elements to exist. Should any of these elements falter or become  imbalanced, the other elements would follow. This balance is held and controlled by the Elemental Planes (or Elemental Courts, in some namings), where the elemental Vaazarai (or djinn) battle each other. A positive side-effect of their battles is that they maintain the natural elements on not only their plane, but on Tariel as well. As such their never-ending wars are essential for the existence of our world. In simpler terms, the Core Elements are required to maintain the natural balance of the world.

The Planar Elements consist of Air, Water, Fire and Earth, and were the main elements used by the Elemental Lords during their time as the masters of Tariel, long before the arrival of the Creators. It is these four elements that engraved themselves upon the world and made it dependent on their existence. Together these four Planar Elements act as the roots of which the world holds onto. The Dependent Elements cannot exist without the Planar Elements' presence.

The Dependent Elements require the aid of the Planar Elements to exist. For example, the element of Ice would not be able to survive without the combined efforts and energies obtained from Air and Water. Similarly Life would not be possible without Water and Earth. In a basic sense, this explains why the Planar Elements are so important to not only the Dependent Elements, but also other, minor elements that are not necessarily essential to the world. The Dependent Elements mainly represent four elements that are created and known to be essential to maintain the mortal, living balance of the world.

The Dependent Elements consist of Life, Light, Death and Ice. Without the Planar Elements they would cease to exist, and all living beings on Tariel would follow.

Each of these elements are the creation of a combined effort by the Planar Elements. Life is born through water and earth, Death through earth and fire, water and air creates Ice, and fire and air grants Light.

Life maintains the balance of the living aspect of the world, and ensures that life can flourish. It allows mortals to be born and trees to grow. In the simplest term, it is the breath of the world.

Light controls the elements that pertain to brightness and to some extent warmth. It exists to keep the shadows at bay and lighten up the darker places in the world. Powers that pertain to Light are often associated, though not solely limited to lightning and other electrical sources.

Death exists to counter-weigh Life, and is just as important as it is. Life would be meaningless without Death, and as such Death ensures that living things eventually must come to an end, to give way for new life. Without Life, Death would consume the world, but likewise without Death, Life would destroy the world. If the balance between these two elements is upset, then the world would suffer from instability.

Ice is the element of frost, and controls the colder winds of the world, and is sometimes associated with darkness. It corresponds in balance to Light, and together the two maintain the balance between cold and warmth, darkness and brightness. Without Ice the world would burn up and life would crumble into nothing. Similarly, without Light, the world would fall into darkness and life would be consumed by cold.

The Core Elements consist of Ethereal, Mana, Astral and Nature. These are powers that have existed long before the other elements, and feed the lesser elements. Godly beings such as the Creators used the Core Elements to breathe new life into Tariel during the Creator Times.

The Core Elements represent the powers of the world and the universe that maintain the Elemental Balance, and they are energies and powers that are not necessarily noticed by the naked eye. If magic (or mana) was to dissipate completely from the world, the other elements (save for Astral, which is the greater source of magic) would suffer and die.  Unlike the other elements, the Core Elements do not require their aid to exist. It is still unknown where the Core Elements draw their power from (possibly from the gods themselves), yet as far as anyone has learned thus far, it is believed that the Core Elements simply do not require any sources, and are limitless on their own.

However, an exception to this rule is Nature, which does require some assistance from not only the other Core Elements, but the lesser elements as well. In return Nature trades any excess energies to further feed the lesser elements. This is a dependency that has grown over the many eons of its existence. Nature is also a calmer element; meaning it is far more susceptible to be controlled by a mage or druid.

Mana, in its simpler terms, is an element which exists everywhere. All living beings harbour mana within them, though some individuals are born with more than average. It is usually these individuals that become mages and such, as their mana-rich blood allows them to maintain better control over not only the elements, but all energies pertaining to magic.

Ethereal is the element which controls the spiritual aspects of the world and universe. It is the element which allows shamans and druids to communicate with the natural and ancestral spirits of the world.

Astral is the most powerful element, as all other elements of the world and universe were born from it over the duration of millions of years. While its true source is unknown, it is believed that Astral gave birth to the first Creators. It is the power which controls the energies of the entire universe, far beyond the confines of the Tariel and its planes.