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Leader: The Featherman (real identity unknown)

Base of Operations: The North Dales

Number of Members: 600 (estimate)
The Feathereyes are a fairly cunning band of thieves, spies and other rogue-like characters. They hold a great deal of influence in the region of North Dales, and particularly so in the cities of Dragonhall and Falstyrm, and their specialty is in the trade of secrets and information. Some of their operatives have been known to deal in both Highmere and the High Marches.

They are one of the many criminal groups that form the Underguilds, where their main jurisdiction pertains to the cities of the North Dales. Unlike a lot of criminal organizations, the Feathereyes are strangely sophisticated, and many of their members hold high jobs in their stationed cities. Overall their organization depends on the cooperation between those who gather the information and those who find and acquire buyers.
While they are mainly a organization of thieves, their main policy is in the gathering of information, and cities are a great source of such things. Those interested in buying are often men of politics looking to blackmail or dishonour their competition, or people looking to wipe away the dirt on their names. Generally the Feathereyes find high standing targets, gather what information they deem important, and blackmail those targets. This is one of their most profitable sources of income, one that has ensured that the Feathereyes are one of the wealthiest criminal organizations in Norrhan.

One of the Feathereyes' most important rule is to avoid murder. The organization frowns upon the taking of lives and acts of severe damage. A silent man tells few secrets, whilst a dead man tells none. The Feathereyes use fear and blackmail to get what they want. Their collectors of information are not always members of their organization, but rather men and women who have been forced to provide the Feathereyes with the information they both seek and don't yet require. Often enough the Feathereyes offer protection in exchange for valuable secrets.