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Leader: None Specifically

Base of Operations: Northern and Western Norrhan

Number of Members: 200-300 (estimate)
The Free Rangers are part of an old order of hunters, wanderers and warriors who once fought against unfair tyranny in the old kingdom of Caledan (now known as the High Marches). It is at least three hundred years old, and at the time it consisted mostly of rebels and volunteers from the North Dales. Today the Free Rangers are merely wanderers who, as part of their new creed, travel the lands of Norrhan, often alone, to protect the wilds from those who seek to harm it, and to safekeep those who are threatened by the wilds themselves.

While the Free Rangers are not strictly part of an organized order, and while they have no real leaders, they are bound by their oaths to uphold the balance of nature, and as such they have certain guidelines they vow to follow. Free Rangers act to protect and aid anyone that requires it when traveling the wilds; be it nature itself or anyone caught within its often perilous, hostile grasp. People are often ignorant and uninformed when it comes to nature, and so Free Rangers seek to ensure that these people stay safe.
There are very few Free Rangers who travel in packs, and they are often far apart from other parties or lone travelers. As such they often leave hidden caches in the wilds; for other Free Rangers to discover and gather supplies from should they need it. In general there are fairly few Free Rangers that wander the wilds in Norrhan. It is estimated that there are only about two to three-hundred of them. A Free Ranger usually picks a territory that he vows to watch over, and considering how few the Free Rangers are, these territories can be quite large.

A Free Ranger is usually recognized as a Free Ranger through training and mentoring by another Free Ranger. Those who wish to become a Free Ranger learn through guidance by an older Free Ranger, who, when he dies, will pass on his territories and equipment to his apprentice. Becoming a Free Ranger is typically not an easy task, as it requires a great deal of knowledge of how to live off the wilds, and how to communicate with it and understand it.

But a Free Ranger's most difficult task is to remain morally neutral, and to not take sides based on personal feelings. Knowing when a person is in the right or when nature itself is, is a task not easily understood when it comes down to it, and so the Free Ranger must strive to be cold and unbiased, to better judge and come to the right choice in a situation that requires it.

While there are considerably few Free Rangers, they are still frequently met on the roads and in cities whenever they require fresh supplies. Some Rangers find their way to the other continents, as a sort of pilgrimage to distant natural landmarks, or to hunt for some trophy. Still, the majority of Free Rangers seem rooted in Norrhan.

A Free Ranger is a master of survival, hunting and tracking. Free Rangers make excellent scouts and are able to track down even the most elusive of creatures. Typically a Ranger will equip him/herself with a ranged weapon, most commonly a bow, though melee weapons such as swords and axes are also a part of his/her typical arsenal.

Rangers are known to have some affinity for the wildlife; going through noticeable effort to respect it. Some Free Rangers are known to tame animals and keep them as companions. This is more for the companionship, since Rangers are typically solitary beings. Though the connection between Ranger and animal companion is strong, which in turn provides a loyal bond of friendship between the two; in battle and otherwise.