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Leader: Council of Coins

Base of Operations: Thalon (mainly)

Number of Members: 39 000
The League of Coins was founded in the Age of Coins in the nation of Thalon, and has since then been the largest and most influential trade organization in the entire world. They are responsible for the use of common currency in the lands of their influence, and they are also the ones who supervise the general trade of goods and their value, as well as supervising the numerous Trade Guilds under their influence. Most nations have at least a few League trade posts or headquarters in them, and the League controls several trade routes between the most settled continents.

The League does not directly involve itself in establishing trade routes and trade posts, but instead hires and funds smaller merchant organizations to create new hubs where trade and coin might flow justly and profitably. It is thanks to the funding of the League of Coins that wealthy colonial ports and towns such as Freeport and Westgate have been able to flourish.

Although they are willing to support funding for new trade companies and such, they do expect a profitable repayment once the job is done. Failure to repay the League might end up in the organization in question to be dissolved, its assets ceased, and imprisonment. The League has created specific Trade Laws that they themselves enforce and control. As the mightiest and wealthiest Trade Organization in the world, the League can well afford the muscle it needs, and it controls an impressive navy of both merchant and war vessels. They control the Balfon Bank, which controls and supervises interest and loans, and they employ the Hoodmen, a group of effective and persistent debt-collectors, who also act as agents who maintain the Trade Laws.

The League was also one of the most active organizations during the Age of Seas in the acts of colonization. The transport of wares and colonists boosted the speed of which new towns grew, and enhanced the League's own endeavours in establishing trade between the central continents and the new world continents. In recent years, the League has been extremely active in Ashanor and Ryumar, where the most profitable trade routes can be found. However, these trade routes are also the most dangerous, as pirates roam the seas and pose as frequent raiders on some of the less protected routes. The League, despite its power, has been found to struggle in controlling these routes and providing necessary protection for both their own merchant vessels and for their affiliated trade partners.

Whenever there is a debt that needs repaying, or there is trouble caused in a League controlled investment, the Hoodman is sent to the scene. Named thusly for his hooded appearance, the Hoodman is simply described as a debt collector and working agent of the League of Coins.

Hoodmen undergo various missions that entail trade disputes, enforcing the Trade Laws, or collecting debts. Sometimes they are sent to discover profitable ventures, often in the form of recovering lost treasures or the like. There are issues that crop up all over the world that falls under the jurisdiction of the League, and as such the Hoodmen are those who must go out to resolve these issues; preferably in a peaceful manner, though more often than not some physical persuasion is needed.

While he might not seem like much, the Hoodman is trained in the arts of diplomacy and economics, and additionally knows how to handle a weapon fairly well. Most Hoodmen choose gunpowder weaponry as their weapons of choice, though the quill, their wit and their tongue are their strongest assets.