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The Planeworlds, not to be mistaken with the Otherworlds, are the worlds that exist either between Tariel and the Dark Beyond, on a different plane on Tariel or somewhere within the local universe of Tariel. Those who consider themselves experts in the study of what the Planeworlds are, agree that the many worlds of the planes are most likely numerous beyond count. Yet still, so far only eight planes are currently known and accounted for. A majority of these planes were originally created by the gods themselves, as homes or prisons to their planar creations. Each of the planes have their own set of rules, environments, races,  societies and cultures; all of which are quite alien to a Tarielborn.

Travel to the various planes mainly depends on how they are attuned to outside forces wishing to intrude. Some planes are easy enough to enter for mortals, should proper conditions and appropriate amounts of magical energies be present, yet the way back to Tariel can prove much more difficult. In a majority of cases, the travel between the Planeworlds and Tariel is mostly one-way. The best example of this, despite the circumstance of prerequisite death, is in how the souls of Tarielborn are usually sent to one of the Planeworlds; depending much on what deities they worshiped in life or how they lived.

Some Planeborn will do anything to make their way to Tariel; be it for simple urges to escape their planes, or for a lust for adventure and discovery. Most Planeborn who have managed to make their way to Tariel have done so by choice. In most cases these Planeborn are of demonic or celestial descent; who have defied their creator gods to make new lives for themselves. However, the Planeborn who remain in their own worlds, particularly the planes that were created by deities, live mainly to serve their patron gods. For instance, the denizens of the Great Fade care for the souls of mortals as per Kelmora's wishes, and the demonic beings of the Endless Hells, with pleasure, guard and punish the souls that the gods have determined as deserving of never-ending pain and suffering.


The Wyld Dream

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The Great Fade

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