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Leader: Unknown

Base of Operations: The High Marches (assumed)

Number of Members: Unknown

The Shadow Agents are an ancient order of assassins who, in ages past, worked in secrecy for the great kings of the High Marches. Their order was severely weakened after the War of Kings, when a majority of their members were killed during the Second Battle of Ascalan. It is unclear whether they have regained their ancient strength or if they are even still in service to the kings of the High Marches. Few Shadow Agents allow themselves to be captured, and of those who are caught, none have allowed themselves to be taken alive.
Rumors speak of many of their kind still operating in cities such as Northgate, Rivenhall, Loth and Ascalan, and such sightings are apparently becoming more frequent in other parts of not only the High Marches, but Highmere and the North Dales as well. As befit for their name, the Shadow Agents are masters in the arts of Shadow Magic; one of the great reasons for why they are not a welcome sight these days, since they practice in what most would consider to be foul magic.

As a mix between warriors and mages, the Shadow Agents make for excellent assassins and spies. Their recruits are hand-picked from an early age by Shadowhands; often in the form of orphans, runaway children or children with an attraction to the powers of Shadow Magic. These recruits undergo harsh and unforgivable training, until they reach the age of seventeen or eighteen; when they must prove their worth and skills by taking on a solo mission. These missions are usually dangerous, and not all trainees manage to survive. Those who do live through their trial become fully fledged Shadow Agents, and are put through a ritual to fully cement their pact with the shadows and the Order.

While in the past the Shadow Agents held a clear guideline and purpose as servants to the King, their purpose these days is shrouded and without clarity. Who do the Shadow Agents serve? No one outside of the order knows, and there is much speculation as to whether they work in favour of good, or if they are just simple men-for-hire. Commoners and noblemen alike fear the Shadow Agents for their abilities, as there are few who have been able to stand against a well-trained agent and live to tell the tale. In the shroud of darkness and shadow, under the guise of night, and with blades of sharp cunning, the Shadow Agents see and hear everything they wish to know.

While the Shadow Agents are believed to be mainly stationed in Northgate and the rest of the High Marches, there seems to be a number of smaller cells that operate throughout the world, though the exact locations are only known by the Shadow Agents, or so it is at least presumed. For all that is known, perhaps not even the Shadow Agents of lower rank in their Order know where their various headquarters are.

A Shadow Agent is skilled in the arts of hiding; favouring stealth over brute strength. They are trained to handle all sorts of small-weapons such as daggers, shortswords and hand-crossbows; a few even furnish the new gunpowder weaponry.

The Shadow Agent's greatest tool is his or her access to Shadow Magic. Trained in its arts, Shadow Agents use Shadow Magic mostly for concealment and trickery, more-so than for direct combat. A good Shadow Agent will ensure that combat is not necessary, though he/she will know how to defend him/herself should it be needed.