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Leader: First Harper Dorick Valdéz

Base of Operations: Valaís

Number of Members: 400+
The Silverharpers are an organized band of bardic individuals. They have existed for several centuries and consider themselves to be a proud and noble order. Their founding is oddly a mystery, as the details surrounding the forming of the Silverharpers are not fully known, yet there are many stories told by its members. The most popular tale tells of a silver-haired maiden who discovered a magical harp in the forest. It was a gift from the goddess Diis, who granted the silver-haired maiden the ability and talent of song and dance. As her music reached the ears of her peers, they became inspired and taken by not only her talent, but her auric beauty. In honour of Diis, the silver-haired maiden assembled a band of singers and musicians as a token of respect to her name.

Or at least so the story goes. After all, the Silverharpers are, to the core, mainly storytellers.
Silverharpers consider themselves wandering historians, who put down what they see and experience into songs and tales. A Silverharper will travel the lands searching for the greatest story to tell, and return to the Harping Hall in Calaís to add their tales to their ever-growing library of songs, poems and stories. They are also considered to be esteemed entertainers, who bring inspiration and joy to those around them; often performing tricks by ordinary means, or through their skill in Illusionism. Most Silverharpers are trained to understand basic Illusion magic.

To a Silverharper, the most important part is the journey. Only hearing about an event isn't enough, and it is the first-hand experience that gives them the most accurate description they need for their tales. As such Silverharpers are in all respects adventurers, thus they train in the arts of combat. While on the road and in the wilds, many dangers will be present, and so a Silverharper must know how to defend him or herself. While there are many misconceptions that say that Silverharpers are but singing fools who play with swords, one should pay much wariness to not underestimate their skill with one. Silverharpers are typically quite efficient with a blade, and will mostly not hesitate to show it.

The Silverharpers are famed throughout all the world, and there are few who wouldn't have heard of them. Although their presence is strongest in the Empire of Valaís and the twin-continents in general, many of their members set out on epic adventures to distant lands and unexplored horizons. Some Silverharpers are obtained by nobility and even royalties to perform their stories, while others spend the majority of their lives on the road, telling tales or singing songs for coin. Some would say that the Silverharpers make for excellent spies, as their renown often puts them in places where others have limited access.
A Silverharper's journey to fame and wealth will often lead her to unlikely places. The Silverharper enjoys to travel and submit her experiences to paper and song, as the greatest tale is often told from the one who has lived it. As such Silverharpers will often come into situations where their skills as trained fighers come in handy. Though sometimes perhaps it is the Silverharper's attention to diplomacy and her persuasive tongue that will see her through her obstacles. Or perhaps just her skill in Illusionism.

Silverharpers typically possess little in terms of possession, or at least so when they first start out. They will usually own a weapon of sorts, most commonly a sword or dagger, and, of course, their most important piece of equipment; their instrument. While not all Silverharpers carry instruments and instead depend on their poetry, a greater majority do.

The Silverharper is most renowned for her ability to see a potential story wherever she goes, and is valued in adventuring parties for the inspirational companionship and her knack for simple fighting. A Silverharper's instrument is just as important as her weapon, and in many respects it is her truest weapon; used to dispel fear and inspire bravery in her companions.