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Leader: First Vindicator Drane Orryn

Base of Operations: Culdairhl

Number of Members: 800+
The Vindicators first came to being as a solution to the Mage problem during the Age of Kings, after the aftermath of the 2nd Divine March. They were tasked by the Sacellum to cull and supervise the mages, to ensure that they did not defy the new rules set by the Sacellum. Those who refused to follow the Sacellum's new mage directive were imprisoned on the island of Culdairhl, within a large fortress of which the Vindicators still to this day call their home.

Over the coming centuries, the Vindicators broke off from the Sacellum as sympathies for the mages began to grow. In the end the Vindicators seceded from the Sacellum and became a sub-order of the Convocation of Mages; effectively pledging their services to the mages. Their duties are still much the same as before (supervising the mages in training), but their loyalties lie mainly with the Convocation now. Some Vindicators have not agreed with this decision, and wish to rejoin the Sacellum as a holy order once again.

In the past, to become a Vindicator one had to be solely devoted to the Divine Faith. These days such requirements have been cast aside, and anyone can now join; granted that they have what it takes to become a Vindicator, which is a demand that requires a lot of discipline and skill of judgement. Vindicators were once knights, templars and paladins, sworn by their duty to the Divine to uphold his prophetess' teachings, and to guard the realms of the faithful from the dangers of magic. Today most members are still faithful, though the Vindicators openly accept followers of any faith and those who consider themselves as non-religious.


Vindicators mostly supervise mages in training and guard them from not only outside dangers, but from themselves. Vindicators are well aware of how dangerous magic can be, and as such they are ever watchful to ensure that the mages in their care do not corrupt themselves. Vindicators also hunt down potential renegade mages who pose as dangerous threats to those around them. This effectively makes Vindicators mage-hunters, and as such they train to become skilled in fighting magic wielders.

Throughout their training, Vindicators are exposed to several types of magic and magical energies that progressively become more harmful. This enables the Vindicators to withstand magical attacks, though it does not make them completely immune, as some might believe. Vindicators also themselves use magic, though not typically magic of the advanced sort. Basic spells that aid them in tracking renegade mages and dispel certain types of magic allow the Vindicators an advantage against magic wielding foes.

While a majority of Vindicators reside by the side of mage colleges, academies and towers, some are routinely sent out on specified tasks. These tasks can be anything from recovering dangerous artifacts, hunting down renegade mages or to maintain order in areas where mages are acting problematic.

Though anyone can become a Vindicator, it is only the strongest and most willing who see the blue cloak donned. It is expected that a Vindicator is not only skilled in battling with a melee-weapon and shield, but that she also controls basic magic. Typically the school of choice is Arcanism, as it allows the Vindicator to dispel most harmful spells.

Vindicators typically don mail armour for mobility and stamina and some plate to withstand tougher spells, and most Vindicators equip themselves with a sword. What every Vindicator must have is a shield. Their shields are enchanted to resist and deflect most spells, and a Vindicator's shield is essentially her greatest asset for protection. Defensive tactics are a Vindicator's greatest ally, and especially so when facing off dangerous renegades and magical beasts.