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The twin continents of Arganorh (Norrhan in the north and Avanor in the south) are hosts to some of the greatest nations in Tariel. The two continents are dominantly ruled by Man, with a few communities of other races controlling various territories and stretches of land. Humans, elves, dwarves, orcs, halflings, gnomes and many more now call the two continents their home.

The first ones to truly conquer and expand their empire over Arganorh were the Durgheil dwarves, who, during their time, held the largest empires in all of Arganorh. Unlike many of the other races who would later claim land on the twin continents, the Durgheil are one of the only natives of Arganorh. Although their empires would fall, their grand cities, old and new, and their vast tunnels of the Underhalls would serve as a legacy of their greatness.
During the time of the Durgheil, the orcs arrived from across the eastern seas from their homelands on Korasha. They would establish dominance in the region today known by many as Ghorr, and in later times the orcs would expand throughout the rest of Arganorh and establish small communities in the forests and mountains of the lands.

In the Time of Suns, the elves (Aerthali) would arrive on the western shores of Avanor. As their kingdom there grew, the Durgheil empires slowly fell and disintegrated into almost nothing. The elven kingdoms ruled Avanor for many centuries before the arrival of the human tribes; which inadvertently marked the end of the elves' golden era. As the human (and orcish) tribes swarmed the elven kingdoms, the elves would retreat to the island of Daln Aeratháin, into the forests of Ashenwood and to the continent of Norrhan.

The human empire of Darion (the Old Imperium) grew and established itself as Arganorh's newest and strongest superpower.  Its dominance across Avanor was mainly unchallenged. Meanwhile, in the north in Norrhan, the humans who had arrived there would establish several cities that would grow in wealth, people and power; to the point where they would become some of the greatest kingdoms (the Nordghovain Kingdoms) Norrhan had ever seen.

Today, long after the fall of the Old Imperium and the dissipation of the Nordghovain Kingdoms, humans still rule Arganorh. As the center of the world, the twin continents are home to many races and cultures beyond their borders, and serve as grand hubs for travelers from across the entire world. No other continent has the variety of cultures, organizations and nations as Arganorh has. The twin continents have rightfully earned their reputation as the birthplace of modern civilization.

But despite all this, most travelers would consider the twin continents to be rather mundane. Comparatively to the remainder of the world, Arganorh has some of the most underwhelming geography and terrain. The strength of Arganorh as continents lies in their cultures and advanced nations; easily surpassing the other continents' nations in aspects of technological advances, civil knowledge and, to some extent, warfare.

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The twin continents of Avanor and Norrhan are  more or less home to the most advanced nations in the known world of Tariel. Many nations have risen and fallen over the many thousands of years; leaving only the strongest to rule. A majority of nations in Arganorh are dominantly monarchic; although there are a few independent states and republics that hold power as well.

The nations of Arganorh are mainly inhabited and ruled by humans; yet there are also large numbers of orcs, dwarves, elves and halflings who find their home in some of the more open-minded nations. While there is no question that humans are the rulers of the twin continents, there are still a few non-human nations that have persisted, and the human nations have several non-human communities within them.

In recent years, following the beginning of the Age of Swords and Steel and the dawning of the Third Era, conflicts between the nations on the southern continent (Avanor) have begun to stirr, and armies are actively being levied to prepare for the inevitable war that is to come.



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